They will test their & # 39; first transitory surrender for men placed on their shoulders

National Health Institute of America (NIH, for its English measurement) has set up a series of clinical tests of new male transitory adhesives to evaluate its ability to prevent fertility, report an official website the organization.

The gel formula was created by the NGO Population Council and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Health and Human Development Institute (NICHD) of the NIH.

"Women can not use many hormonal controls and male tolerances are restricted to vasectomy and condoms, "said head of NICHD's Illness Development Program and one of the researchers, Diana Blithe." A safe, very effective and recyclable way for male anti-control would have an important need for public health, "he said.

According to the report, the new gel, named NES / T, includes the Combined tool with progestin together with testosterone. It is placed on the back and shoulders and it is introduced through the skin. Progestin will show that testosterone is a n; Naturally in the tests, which minimizes low sperm output or does not; use, and explain the science. An re-evaluated testosterone, in contrast, maintain normal sexual aspirations and other activities that depend on the correct levels of the hormone in the blood.

The researchers are planning to investigate some of them 420 couples. Volunteers of the NES / T gas should be used daily for four to 12 weeks to find out if they are accepting their & # 39; produce and to ensure that there are no inappropriate consequences. If sperm levels have not been declined correctly, they will continue to use the gel for up to 16 weeks.

Whenever voluntary sperm levels have dropped enough enough to counter anti-control, they will enter the level of effectiveness and can evaluate the ability to; creation to prevent fertility. This will last 52 weeks, when the same anti-moving way of the couple is the new gel. Researchers continue to monitor men up to 24 weeks after completion of the NES / T application period.

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