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This is how Chinese online retailers prevent ban on spam games

There are very sensitive ways.


China some are very bad restrictions at the time of launching video games in his area. In addition to checking its & # 39; a distribution or preparation process through Chinese companies that are licensed for electronic products to market, the Asian country is harder to do with its potential. brutal games. Sometimes it has been at risk of banning special games and closed closing games for months in 2018. Now, after launching its success Remake Resident Evil 2, Chinese merchants are looking for the most innovative ways to be able to; scattered gentleman of the communist government.

Preventing harassment by nose and imagination

Pythagorean video games have a great deal of persecution in China, especially those with a special role gore not really bloody. Last month, the government's censor group was able to reduce the production and production of 11 video games, Remake Resident Evil 2 a chief president damaged. Due to the high demand a great deal of life, an online resource should be very creative to sell the game without being caught, and working with a few margin, they are coming to an end It's a market among consumers in very original ways.


For example, in Taobao, a type of Chinese eBay, wholesalers will spread the banned by sending them; Sales of Capcom titles with nouns, hand-covered art not some of his friends in his description. We find definitions and prosaic titles Capcom Revival 2 or Shoot and See: Remake 2, as long as other merchants have a & # 39; Try to throw productivity slippers by changing the genre of videogame and summarized. Who did the Resident Evil 2 be a brutal or gore title? No, there were none off.

In order to avoid censorship, some retailers will Released Resident Evil 2 Mar First Day of Work at Police Station: Version Remake

According to this salesman, he is a policing reporter. Yes, as you read. Indeed, according to its description, it is the title Work day at Police Station: Remake Version. Something like "The first day of the work in the police station: preparing revitalization"Others make great transformations based on it hiadroglyphicsspread Plant vs. Zombies or recycle agreed games in your day like Light Heavy Extreme.


The best game even if it is English no bad translation, avoidingThe algorithms that jump when they find specific words in Chinese or characters that can be defined as harmful elements. The Chinese government is very paranoid about these issues, and has recently caused a lawyer to ban on myopia.

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