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Toluca confirms that Morro Garcia does not enter the Mexican team "for lack of behavior"

This is the worst for Morro. Santiago García not play there Toluca after the announcement made by the Mexican club and now it's a live there Godoy Cruz à Mendoza. Dependent from the center Aztec, the clubs had understood the work on it December 23

"The agreement was confirmed by Deportivo Toluca FC with his own player, who thanked him, his mind and enthusiasm and also confirmed by president Godoy Cruz, José Mansur"the document noted.

However, that entity said "Compliance with the rules of attitudes and behaviors that do not comply with them; celebrating the institution, the player does not"

In addition to what is expressed by Toluca, Garcia – which has now been found Students of La Plata– He allowed him to leave, but then told the Mexicans he wanted to live.

Although the "Tomba" is moving favorably to "Pincha", it must confirm the way ahead, which can be identified more than once MendozI had been good comfortably

On the other hand, the old player Marcelo Gómez the next coach of Godoy Cruz, according to their own club official on their social networks, and replace the place Diego Dabovedone cost Argentine guys.

An black officially displayed 2 January at a news conference and this is the previous experience Vélez and The River in front of professional staff First Division.

"Welcome Marcelo Gómez to the largest club in Argentina's side", published the institution as a census Twitter, in which he determined to hire. The DT, who worked in the reserve department Vélez, as field helpers Francisco Ramírez and Hernán Search results, The as long as physical training is Guido Tonson and Paul Fornasari, as a video assistant.

An Tomba divide the seventh place of it Superliga and he also plays 2019 Organization of the Copa Libertadores, in which he / she will participate in the & # 39; Group C next to Olympia (Paraguay), Sport Crystal (Peru) and the University of Concepción (The Chile).

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