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Torrente Flower is the new one that was reinforced for the 2019 Dance

Slowly, information about the next edition of this 2019 Dance there Show more Details. This Tuesday afternoon is the name of its first figure sign a contract to participate in the program: Florencia Torrente.

La Flia producer confirmed Twitter that his actress is already part of the fact, along with a picture of Torrente to register its contract and another man in whom he is with Federico Hoppe.

This week, Marcelo Tinelli also received an idea from the director Ángel de Brito who received Hoppe and El Chato Prada, his two stories representatives, to be part of staff of celebrities who dance.

The driver The angels of the morning He praised him on Twitter and the driver gave the mummy. "It's not a bad idea," he replied.

The new edition of Showmatch have already started. Tinelli started to list the list to call cell phones and so he returned with everything to the screen it gets out in April, according to the same driver that lasted in December.

Beyond that, Torrente is the only one that has been confirmed by papers so far, it is thought that Tinelli's producer in speeches by Mariano Martinez and his wife, Camila Cavallo; Mati Napp, who was the last coach Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza; and Sofia Pachano, to return to the competition.

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