Total domestic investment increased by 16.9%

An large home investment registered in January a strong 16.9% there comparison at the same time 2018, and is below 20% in GDP, according to a report by the Orlando Ferreres consultation.
by the way 2019, The local investment represents 19.6% of GDP measured at constant prices, reaching US $ 6,266 million, to & # 39; marks the Center for Economic Studies (EEC).

"At the beginning of the year the investment figures showed the key features inspected in the second half of 2018," according to the consultant.
In this regard, he said "in particular, a strong circuit can be made in the acquisition of capital goods that have been brought against the new set of comparable prices, and # 39; buying commercial vehicles offering more than 40% ".

In addition, he said "in the future, although the exchange rate that has been inspected in recent months has allowed us to think of a more optimistic situation, the vision uncertain politicians who continue to make their company face this versatile, come to an end in bad backing. "

According to the survey, investment in equipment and equipment fell 26% in January compared to the same time last year.

In particular, in the national sector, a 10.2% decrease was reported as a result of a sudden breakdown in heavy vehicle exchange.

On the other hand, in the exporter branch, b & # 39; The summary is 35.9% depending on the idiomatic capital of the capital.

Investment in the construction of a 7.5% deployment per annum in January, which collected a five-month collection in a negative field, said the report.

"It is worth noting that this section was up to 0.2% in 2018, but the reduction in the second semester was 4.3% per year," they said.

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