Toyota has become a car

Lexus expanded, the symbol of Japanese carcasses of Japanese types in 1989, Monday offices in Argentina. With this Omotenashi, an DNA japons and the Advanced technology As the main runner-up of the racist, Lexus is a unique and independent trader called TAKUMI in the first instance. This area, of 2,400m2, is the largest in Amrcia Latina, located at Av. Libertador 860, one of the most exciting and most exciting locations of the Force Capital.

Lexus is far above what we understand through the concept of comfort, it is passing the idea of ​​her; our joy. We do not have enough words to describe it, since Lexus experience is an amazing experience. The Lexus experience seeks integrity in both directions: in customer service, in design, in technology, and in craft, says Steve St. Angelo, the Leader of Toyota and Lexus for Latin America and his / her. Caribbean.


He describes a fascinating Japanese hospitality. The term comes from three translators in Japan:

  1. The first thing about integrity is: URA OMOTE NASHI, who is & # 39; mean that there is no side, translating to be true and true.
  2. The second is about the dedication and decision, the MONKEY OR MOTHER NASHI TOGERU, which means to & # 39; doing something always with care and heart.
  3. And the third word describes its & # 39; MOTENASU verb that literally means entertaining.

Together, they do OMOTENASHI, which is a & # 39; explains Japanese spirit of hospitality, an essential part of the Japanese culture for almost 5 centuries. Her guidance, developed by a Sen or Rikyu teacher, does not make a special tea cup between the host and guest. The importance of the guest is seen by the careful preparation and the beautiful exhibition.

This simple and humble ritual explains the three basic principles of OMOTENASHI:

  • The needs you expect: be ready for surprise and choose customers, and treat them as they would like to be treated.
  • Given details: create unique and beautiful experiences that show a detailed level that has never been previously seen, and # 39; Ensure that the guest is valued and important.
  • Grateful thanks: recognizing that there is always a user, a & # 39; Giving thanks for their loyalty and its customers.

Over time, these principles have become a way of life, which reach far beyond a quiet home, and is an integral part of a Japanese society. Not just regulations, but a basic idea for every guest-hosted event. Her principles have the position of the levels to go to; Creating special experiences and service with special status.

Lexus, which is a real reflection of a Japanese culture, expresses its & This concept of OMOTENASHI in all aspects of its work in Argentina:

  • Care service for sale and after sale.
  • Different Lexus emergency service.
  • And indeed also in their cars, who get the driver and their # 39; other passengers in an incompetent environment, full of information to make the most of people who need to do so; move in Lexus.


Lexus is the logo of high-quality cars created by Toyota to compete in the real car market. Mail & # 39; The first model of the Lexus of the LS400, which was launched in 1989. This development was born from a project that started in 1983 to create a famous sedan that could challenge the best cars on the world.

In 1999, 10 years after its introduction, Lexus had sold 1,000,000 units and was at the top customer satisfaction levels in the US. After just 5 years later, in 2004, he reached the number of 2,000,000 units, and he introduced his / her; The first flexible flexible dye model in the world: the RX 450h.

For 2009, Lexus was presented in Tokyo to the first supercar carriage, the LFA, in a limited edition of 500 units, 50 of which were equipped with a NR package. This vehicle was clarified by Jeremy Clarkson, a premier journalist at Top Gear, the best way to go. has always been directed. By 2010, the first Lexus hard came, the CT 200h. That same year attacking what it is today as a dog of Lexus design, the Signature Grille that is identify brand models.

In 2015, the logo created a new step in making supercars of performance by announcing the creation of the F Performance Racing area and the introduction of the RC F GT3. The RC F GT3 was also approved by the FIA ​​and participates in the US competitions. UU., Japan and Europe.

As a last milestone, in 2016 the Lexus new democrats, which was considered as a testament to the principles of its flagship, came to its customers: a fascinating experience. This sentence attempts to visualize a & # 39; to introduce a brother because the Lexus user is not only buying a vehicle, but that is the gate in the world full of new experiences for all the senses.

So far, Lexus has sold 9.8 million units worldwide, with more than 1 million led by two-fuel technology.

Over the years and customer experience with its company, Lexus has been consolidated as one of the most reliable device business listings in line with the most prestigious awards in the company; business.


Innovation runs through our sky. Since 2004, Lexus uses dual-fuel technology by; electric fuel generating electricity, offering use of low, low voltage, and the driving experience that operates; Interpreting to Lexus, everyone without changing how normal cars are used. Today, the widest range of blackfolds is in market and market Premium in the world, and has sold over a million dolphins of vehicles to date.

CALL WHAT YOU WORK? LEADERS? Lexus's self-reusable computers compile an innovative gasoline device with two or more electrical devices. Achieving gasoline engines are better at a steady pace, and electric motors are suitable for acceleration and to maintain a steady pace when low. Hard vehicles will exploit the benefits of each. In a system as a whole, such as the Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the vehicle can be easily moved by the gasoline, electricity or simultaneous two systems, to select the energy source best according to the driving mode without obstacles to the knowledge of the wheel. Two-fuel system monitors driving situations to control energy streams. Two-fuel technology allows you to reduce fuel costs and eliminate emissions totally while & # 39; and you are using your electric motor

Lexus motus expands to automated electric batteries as a result of innovative technologies for renewable energy and re-renewable brakes, so they should not be connected to a power- out. This product is more efficient, lower than the most efficient distributions and features


  • Self Recycle: Unlike all-electric or double-plug plug-in cars, you never have to connect the Lexus connection to the result: Lexus is compatible with autous renewable by Lexus Disturb them when they are & # 39; driving. No plugs, without falling.
  • Low fuel loss, but maintaining the same features of a normal vehicle.
  • Debt: Lexus technology is a most reliable marketplace with a reliable market. In addition, electric motors and generators do not require maintenance.
  • Low flushing: A solid Lexus was designed to reduce emissions to the environment, and adopt a responsive environment environment. These two-fuel systems will reduce the accumulated gas emissions within ten years of the type of Euro 6 in 2014. And this is not to be done; provides the features, quality, craftwork and design that makes clear between Lexus.
  • Performance: Hybridic technology to improve Lexus vehicle performance compared to normal vehicles. Low sound, heartlessness and more enjoyment of driving.


Lexus has begun to work in Argentina with a range of vehicles that have been operating in Argentina. including both Sedanes of the GS and LS range and Suvs of the NX range:


  • GS 350 F-Sport (naphtha) USD 93,200
  • GS 450h Solar (HV) USD 92,700
  • GS 450h F- Sport (HV) USD 93,200
  • LS Group 500h (HV) USD 201,000
  • LS 500h F-Sport (HV) USD 162,600


  • NX 300h Solar (HV) USD 76,700
  • NX 300 F-Sport (naphtha) USD 85,200

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