Toyota launched its cumulative Lexus marker (with hard drives)

The launch of a market event has been well-suited, with some similarities to the incident when it left the turnover and the band put back its work, but said a & # 39; The company added the differences to that time.

"Within the Toyota's resilience scheme, we reached a level of quality, which was not back years, where Lexus contributes to our Toyota bid in the country and, due to its business number today in Latin America, it is possible to bring this same sustainable project into this long-term brand and access many customers Toyota has a major carriage of other brands and confirming other customers that they are in another band, "explained Daniel Herrero, president of the Toyota Argentina.

It is expected that the company will have a & # 39; Marketing around 300 units per year based on a range of high quality cars.


"The new Lexus is a very attractive design, a good design and a high level of technology. They are manually developed vehicles. The variety of those that makes us different from the competitors, "said Yoshihiro Sawa, president of Lexus International.

In addition to the characteristics of the vehicles, the proposal for services is also at Premium level. For example, users of these materials will have a 24 hour support system that will provide the necessary support and place of the unit so that the problem is resolved, for any inconvenience. It also offers a 5 year or 100,000 kilometer warranty, for normal engines, and up to 8 years in the hard drives. Prices start from $ S76,700 to $ S201,000, with the specialty & # 39; Yes, in the consistent drafts, the lowest value is due to the attractive choice for ecological cars that pay 5% of the tax instead of 35%.

In terms of the independence of the country and the decision to launch this new banner, Steve St. Angelo, CEO of Toyota and Lexus for Latin America: "There are interesting months in Argentina. When I arrived in the area in 2013, it was a difficult time. ; think that the Argentine War was in breaking But we decided to attack the attack and the investment of 800 million was explained to expand our plant. Tell us some that we were really right but this is one of my best decisions, as head of the department "

"Boom" the Hilux

November's patent was once again showing the construction of Hilux as the overall leader in sales, over small and economic cars, think it's a vehicle that's a doubled in price. For Toyota's president, Daniel Herrero, an explanation of this situation is based on the huge demand from areas such as the field and mine. The businessman said they had important orders from a number of companies to expand the car fleet. At the same time, as a result of increasing demand from the agricultural sector, Herrero created an innovative strategy: "it is clear that we have a very good autumn".

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