Try to save a Great Barrier Reef


Marine MARCH and the artist are hoping that her new book will encourage children to take action to save the Big Barrier Reaction from the effects of climate change.

Professor Sue Pillans, a Samford State School and a student at Ferny Grove State High School, who now lives at Campa Hill, has been in attendance. Guides her remedy Dr Suzie Starfish for her first children's book The Thiefy MurdockSouth Westerly

It is written from the perspective of "wild wild fish" named Anthia which shows that his home is on the sketch; grow hot and the colors disappear.

Anthia and her friends go around to see the simpleton that she is doing. return the rock.

Dr Pillans was hoping that despite the illness and the reason about the time of the rock, his story would Children hope they can do something to help.

His main message was that greenhouse cuts needed to be cut now.

"I do not think it's too late, but we must start now. We can not keep saying, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow," she said.

"There are ways to save energy (such as lighting, walking, driving) and helping the planet to help the reef then."

She has given her six years to get the story right.

"It's not as easy as people are thinking. You must make sure that when you are an author / photographer, the words and pictures must be one," she said.

"There must be ups and downs and intentions and problems.

"Everything that needs to be in a great journey to keep the children's attention.

"I had a lot of recitation of this book and every publisher would say" we are very much appreciated by his & # 39; but you can not tell children who have no hope. "

"It was very difficult for me to give a publisher with a story of hope and solutions.

"At the end my story is about cooling down the seas and how the fish is coming together to find the thief and bring it back to the reef."

The last page is related to science behind climate change and coral bleaching, and solutions, written to understand children.

It is suitable for all ages with a focus on children aged 4-10 years.

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