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Two famous journalists said they were violent: "We finished the blows and saddles"

Often after spending so many years working with someone, the feelings will be a spend and everything can be done well. Something happened to them like that Oscar González Oro and Eduardo Feinmann After sharing several years together in the radio El Oro and the Moro. This was published in the I Say program, where it was published; tell them what happened to end in that terrible product.

"It was 18 years of long marriage, I miss it, because he left me," said the Negro, who was laughter. "You left me," he answered the A24 magazine, adding to the joke. Then, Luis Novaresio, who is also a co-worker Sick on the La Red radio, he told González Oro: "It will give you if they ask you if there is a Soap or a character".

"It has a hard image but you will scratch it and somebody is offering to anyone, or more, one who spoke to me about really personal things and we've fought for personal things. … And it's a good person, "he replied. Speaker And, when asked about that fight, he made a smile: "It was due to a radio debate, I was sorry and ended with the printing and the saddles."

"I almost did not finish the chairman on his head, it was very funny," he said. Eduardo smile "It happened for an odd but, at least, after a year, a lot, literally, not to speak to us. It's not a good day." ; Oscar agreed and showed that they were only talking to the air. "Look at what professionals we are, despite what we respect, we said a good morning to the air, but not in the studio," he said.

He eventually sent the anger away and spoke again. According to the Negro Speaker and ReturnIt was your campaign. "So far I said," Let's eat her. "My children are hosting and we will connect to," said the media, Despite being on such a hard fight, today's journalists maintain good relationships and good relations.

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