UFOs may have been here, depending on the NASA scientist at least

Anyone with even a gentle, unsupported interest in UFOs is very urgent for someone who is very close to the subject. All right, we want one of our brain brain NASA in our corner. We want someone in a white partnership with the NASA logo that is designed on a pocket pocket to take it firmly (but warmly) with its hands and saying & # 39; Hey, you may be right about emigrants. & # 39; This person is here, and his name is Dr Silvano Colombano of NASA Ames Research CenterSouth Westerly

Colombia came into our lives this week due to a white paper published earlier this year RedditPost Office That paper, entitled the title New effects to SETI Research Guidelines, suggesting that scientists should reassess their beliefs about the likelihood of an alien connection, based on their latest understanding of technology and the world.

Colombia argues that the planetary systems are not as old as 10.4 billion and 11.2 billion years old (when our childhood is only one billion years old) We are very confident that we can make the most of what technology can do, especially when the scientific way has been a great deal here for 500 years.

Starting from here, Colombia says that at the time we asked more about some of the basic assumptions about a fascinating foreign life – these assumptions:

  1. Intermittent travel is impossible or very similar
  2. Radio waves remain a key means of communication for thousands or millions of years.
  3. Interesting civilizations would be based on carbon life
  4. We have not been, and we do not visit them

Colombian challenges the first idea by saying that we are not sufficiently familiar to rule:

Clearly speed and energy are inevitable problems for our technologies and ours Today's understanding of physics. Still we are able to identify decisions to develop a greater understanding and control of energy and space. Even though the leakage of the light continues to be a barrier again, over a range of thousands of years that may look like a making inter-state trips, depending on what assumptions we make about the types of life they are going to do; including.

The second thing can be done by suggesting that what they can do; use to be beyond our knowledge, and also, even though they would use radio, it might be impossible for us to do what they are doing, write it down.

In terms of carbon-based life, Colombano says, to look at where we are; Compatible with computers, that carbon life could be just a start in lifestyle development:

After just 50 years of computing development we are already talking about "really good knowledge" and we are going to go to; grow rapidly with a computer. Post-Post-Office I just want to find out that the information is available; We could and could not have been selected for our search (if not already) to be produced by carbon organisms like us. How to change the assumptions above about inter-state travel? Our normal lifestyles would not be a limit (although even generation initiatives could be treated or animated), and the size of the "explorer" may be one of the # 39; intimate entities.

I think we can all agree, that is to say; hell.

Finally, a Colombian says that although there are a huge number of people involved in UFO statements and the prospect of non-external visitors to scientists is absent from UFO research, ought to:

It seems to me that SETI has taken into account (at least officially) that may have an impact on the UFO microphone for three reasons: 1) It is expected that great low intra-state intra-central heating, 2) The major risk of severe suffering, mistaken comments or even psychic events in the UFO-flesh window, and 3) A & avoid object with a & # 39; scientific community. I think that the way in which it can be. The scientific community, instead, is very similar to what SETI has done so far: find the signal in the sound.

Much of the "noise" in UFO recites, there are, perhaps, some "signs" that show some of the reasons that can not be explained or rejected. If we accept a new set of ideas about the types of higher data and technology that we may have, some of those ideas might be able to respond to things especially, and b & we can start a big search.

Hello you, one Hell yeah !!!

Large Colombano's suggestions are that the external life search is moving in a guide that is in a position; respect "specialist physics"Where experts start from our latest knowledge of physics but"a bit willing to expand opportunities for the nature of space and energy"Throw in the mix, and that's investigating UFOS on the ground as an important research method, just one with"very low
co-signal signal to sound".

You can read the whole paper here, it's very short and easy to get in, even if you're not a turbonerd.

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