Uñac achieved a high standard in San Juan primary schools

Uñac recognized his achievement in primary schools with a speech before PJ

The governor oversaw the Orrego student, who calculated the support of macrismo; After his victory, he criticized the "national model" and grew very strong within PJ.


election results

The stance for the position of governor under the PASO framework of the San Juan did not surprise but the impact of the present president and the successful candidate for re-election by the Todos was obvious. ,
Sergio Uñac, which withdrew from the support of its great opponent Marcelo Orrego, Santa Lucía's mayor and bidder for Frente Con Vos, a place supported by t

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"We are our leading characters at a time when this region has stood above the national model for leaving poverty and peripherality," Uñac said to highlight the findings, standing up to route in front of the president

Mauricio Macri


Surprisingly, the third place left to Martín Turcumán from the San Juan Primero Front was a post-matador who moved out of Cambiemos because of differences by the former teacher Eduardo. Cáceres, a multitude of deeds, hosted a social event.

At 18 PASO's vote was closed in the province and, according to information from the Electoral Tribunal, he voted about 75% of the population. The data was revealed by the organization, including that several farms indicated that the percentage of partnerships between 65 and 70 per cent. To midday, he only voted 35 per cent of the electoral register but after a vote he voted for the remaining 40 per cent. The election day has been developed without being inconvenient and without party discounts.

The pollster Antonio De Tommaso has published the results of his mobile vote made by his pollster IOPPS-representing Public Projects and Social Projects – which, due to the expectation, would then go over the temporary survey. According to the survey, Sergio Uñac, from Frente Todos, 60%; Marcelo Orrego, from Fren V Conos, 30 per cent; Martin Turcumán, the Next San Juan Primero, 3.4%, and the other candidates put up six points. The difference was then smaller in the official results.

Uzac had resigned as a warden in an area within Capital. The government minister of the province, Emilio Baistrocchi, who has been with the government for many years, would have been 31%, hitting the factor Franco Aranda, with 27 per cent. Aranda publicly acknowledged that they had been lost. The former candidate Con Vos, Rodolfo Colombo, evicted third, with 25 per cent of the vote.

In a larger division in the region, Rawson, a blind man was linked between Pablo García Nieto who was treasurer of Uñac-and Rubén García, the candidate funded by the former governor, a national vice-president and a former president. president of the national PJ, José Luis Gioja.

The foundations of the campaign led to uncertainty about the fact that there were about 21, three hours after the closure of the elections: the first official number against those who had expected to vote. T . It was one of the areas where there was great uncertainty, Rawson, the foundation of the Gioja. Then the official figures reported the victory for Juan Carlos and Jose Luis, Rubén Garci, and not from Uñac, Pablo Garci and Nieto.

At the end of this issue, Gioja pointed out that the Rubber of García, rector "Kirchner", was opposed by the ruler. Finally, they celebrated the competition which was won by Racing in the Superliga.

Regarding Sergio Uñac it was vital to achieve a strong impact at departmental level. He not only opted for the re-election, but because these efforts had been made, it was ensured that a national preview was also being sought. The version, which was started months ago and strengthened in the days, left the president in Ju Juan with the intention of connecting a formula of president along with Roberto Lavagna.

Near the president he speaks of his intention to have the same criterion which applied within the province to the armor of national Peronism: no division of PJ to leave. Armor. That includes Cristina Kirchner, something rejected by the Salta ruler Juan Manuel Urtubey, a merger of Córdoba Juan Schiaretti. Conversely, Lavagna is very likely to stand against the national unity, even though it is not the president in the marquee.

Formally, in a very good way Uñac and Lavagna showed publicly, the fact that the San Juan ruler had never taken the PJ's side, outside the tugs at a regional level with Gioja. In fact, Uñac did not attend Alternative Federal meetings with Urtubey, Schiaretti, Miguel Pichetto and Sergio Massa.

Elections in Villa Dolores

Last night the mayor Villa Dolores, Gloria Pereyra, who joined Kirchner to 2015, was re-elected and then went to Cambiemos and yesterday she went to Parliament with a neighborhood party. She was sent with 383 votes to Cristina Vidal, a candidate by Governor Juan Schiaretti, in a polar vote. The specialism of the election was that no members had any candidates at Cambiemos's membership. Kirchnerism was poor in fifth place.

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