Uruguay found his first case of leishmaniasis visible in humans

Uruguay found his first case of leishmaniasis vacantthere child from Salto (north) division "Elements of importance are not" and that which are appropriately handled "under strict medical control", The Public Health Ministry (MSP) confirmed on Wednesday.

Depending on the department, the disease, with the most common symptoms fever presence "for more than 15 days without another reason that proves", it is today "for years in the regions of the region" and in Uruguay which was already found in dogs since 2015, in the regions Salto and Artigas (North)

"Whenever it is in dogs, it is expected that the disease will occur in humans", he emphasized the MSP through a statement.

In addition, the Ministry gave out, although it is geography "to be bad", it is handled by medicines available in the southern country and favorable development "whenever it is served in good time".

In this regard, it was noted that the instructions are expressed in the document;Guidance for the diagnosis, treatment and control of visceral leishmaniasis in Uruguay", published in 2016, and praised the population Give a quick doctor if you are suspicious.

Finally, he explained that an epidemiology team "was returning to the area (Salto) to complete the investigation and coordinate actions by departments and departmental technicians," including research and control of mosquito leishmaniasis.

We also look for the actions already done to control the & # 39; deepening the disease in dogs with support from American Pan Health Organization (PAHO) and on the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Republic, the most important in the country.

Leishmaniasis is caused by a Protozoan parasite of the Leishmania species, broadcast with a bit sand disease with disease, and appear in three main ways: The horrible (the most difficult), the crane (the most common) and the mucocutaneous.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease affects it a poorer population and is related to bad damage, the poor housing conditions, the weakness of the system of defense and the lack of resources, as well as environmental changes, such as deforestation or urbanization.

Only a small part of Leishmania-affected people suffering from the illness, according to the WHO, who are suffering from illness. estimate that Each year there are between 700,000 and 1 million new cases and between 20,000 and 30,000 deaths.

The WHO also clarifies that the discharge spread of leukemiasis in America is very complicated, and that there are several species of Leishmania in the same area. And he says that Brazil affects 90 per cent of leishmaniasis cases vacant in this sector.

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