Video: Rodrigo Eguillor's four passengers traveled to the train: "You're doing bad things for women" – 12/12/2018

Rodrigo Eguillor, son of the Attorney General of Buenos Aires's Attorney who has been accused of genuine sexual abuse and released on Thursday after spending a day in custody at La Alcaideía de La Plata, away from a Miter passenger train.

"Here you will not spy the spices because I'm leaving your teeth, I heard me?" "You're all under your teeth." "You're very happy with Canning's mother's shells?" "I'm from Congress, a shirt with the women? Do the bad thing with me," shout to a traveler, who was let down by another traveler.

"Now he's going through all the channels saying he did not do anything," follow the young man, long and Eguillor was sitting, looking forward, almost untiring.

At the next station, a number of women had to do so; he got off: "Get away from the train," said one traveler. "Shake, get it," he put another woman. Eguillor came down and started talking to the police on the stage: "You're sorry," shouted another traveler.

Lourdes Segura is not the case against the genuine sexual abuse of the same case against Eguillor. The prosecutor's son, Lomas de Zamora, has two other reasons, Paula Martinez Castro, one for misbehavior and another for preparing (participating in discussions in the networks with young people for sexual causes).

The abuse is from 2016 and is in the Oral Court on Crime and Number 9 Corrigendum. With this file, the young person will be sentenced to a lawyer "unreasonably dishonest" , following a complaint from a worker at the Buenos Aires Casino.

But the legal work that includes Eguillor is only a legacy: he exposed in court in other cases as a complainant. In one of them, who is in the court of Number 7 porteño teaching, Rodrigo admits his father, Alejandro Eguillor, to co-defend himself because he is ask the person to have his hospital in a psychiatrist hospital.

The third and most spectacular is the one who sent Eguillor a file in the Àir Treasury Court. 24 of Buenos Aires's city, the procurator's office 47, was convicted of generic enforcement and abuse of Gonzalo Miñeri, Marcos Torterolo, and Balaguer, staff and owner of the Jet disk, where he said he was working in black as a public relations. On Thursday afternoon, the Jetowner will give evidence against the courts.

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