Video video from Verónica Llinás against Macri for the San Juan and River Boca DRA duel

Verona Llinás made an acidic decoration against her President due to the order of the duelle with the San Juan Shipboards ARA.

Veronica Llinás in his famous wings he talked to President Mauricio Macri. He was changing the images of his president at party hours after expressing his three-day national refusal for the appearance of the San Juan ARA.

She worked in the video and said: "I'm damaged, what is the tragedy? It's a tragedy like my legs stay after playing Tini's songs, do you know What do you have to affect mauri all night during the night? "

He also added it Veronica Llinás: "Do not tell me that one of the leaders of couples is in crime because he has gone to a day party of national grief, what ignorance! Do you know how hard it is? What was that person? It was hard to dance. I did not want to go, we had to cook it to the helicopter, "the character named while it's & # 39 ; Continue with the images with the havehtag "#PresidenteInsensible".

Then, he talked about the final of the Libertadores Cup that will be played on Saturday at his & # 39; Monumental and added to him: "Do you know what pressure is to be a state-of-state status for a President? It has been fifteen days since he is sleeping … What is the G20? River-Boca, the Superclassic! How uncertain and the people are. "

Veronica Llinás and an unidentified look for 100 days for falling in love. Falt green, green!

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