Wanda Nara expanded the Italian screen with a low short dress

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5 February, 2019

The model visited a program in Italy in the Mauro Icardi company and put on a number in the networks with blackmail. Look!

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The television Italy He was the guests of the middle of one of the best known couples; at that country's football competition.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi They visited the program "C & # 39; è Posta Per Te" studio (there is a post for you) a & # 39; Growing one of the major Italian screen trays in the last hours.

Figure and captain Between of Milan, along with his wife and producer, as the leading people with an impressive vision that has an effect on social networking.

And as long as the struggle for the struggle was in Argentina, many of his guests did, that was Wanda's dress heat the screen.


The model chose a black shirt with a loop, with his red bills and his normal sympathy, and shared with his followers through his official account Instagram where more than 4,600,000 people continue.

In one of the statues he decided to share, Nara wrote: "It's not easy. Niente è impossibile …" (There's nothing easy. There's nothing just).


The publications appear in the context of their & # 39; phiana; crossing the family by the death of his dog, and also made words in the networks.

The message messaging representative published part of the song "Remember me" of the Coco movie, just to remember Coco's dog, a Weimaraner dog who was only three years old.

"Remember me. The cry, yes. I will behave your heart and closure, I'll be my. @ Cococoicardi, though we do not stop crying, we will keep the beautiful memories. Nobody is encouraged to Tell your friend Francesca the best you miss so much … and we're all sorry for you and especially for @mauroicardi that you loved so much and that you were the best partner. Because there was no better choice for him or her to be with you. We'll miss you, we love you forever. # Cokito, "Wanda Nara concluded in her Instagram account.

Sorry Wanda Nara for the death of her dog

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