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The year 2018 has now gone into her final piece, so it is the tradition of her; This December of December allows people to take stock of the year that will be able to take stock; finishing and trying to predict first events first.

This practice is not an exception in the cryptocurrency department, so it is normal for different people and business speakers, both inside and outside the ecosystem, to & # 39; out the preamble, and # 39; Most related to price and future cryptocurrencies.

This year its focus is overlooking everyone, on a bitcoin price, with the crucial crash crash in November.

After waiting for almost 2018 for return prices to the levels at the end of 2017, (when BTC reached a roof near USD 20,000), check out what some analysts have a & # 39; Foreword for next year.

Expectations are favorable

In the group of the poorest ones there is a & # 39; Kaspersky Lab security company, who published a number of days back the forecast for 2019, giving an unhealthy situation for the ecosystem.

According to the company, it is likely that the price of cryptoactives will be a staying at low levels and that the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method can be reduced, as well as having a & # 39; believe that the prospects of blockchain technology reduce the expectations of blockchain technology.

Company establishing a direct relationship between the price of cryptocurrencies and its interest; public. Based on this, it ensures that the listeners are interested in limited cryptocurrencies, and "once that term is reached, the price will not be increased".

In the same kind of thinking, Arthur Hayes, the CEO of BitMEX, said the 2018 bear market has been attributed to his hopes to change to USD50,000 this year. So, last July, he said that the cryptocurrency was not the worst, when bitcoin was spent in detail by USD 6,000 in late June. At that time, it was expected to reach the difference between USD 5,000 and USD 3,000 this year.

In his most recent statements he confirms that The bear market has been the strongest in 2019, which would even last until the first few months of 2020. Hayes commented on one of the studies carried out by BitMEX Research on the historical achievement of Bitcoin, where it is It is estimated that the current time started on March 12 and # 39; It may last at least 200 days.

They analyze glinn and peaks

A similar approach to Hayes's man appears to be a founder Morgan Creek Administration Management, Anthony Pompliano, was one of those who expected a bitcoin to reach USD50,000 by the end of 2018, although he later let his opinion be wrong.

Based on glues and bits throughout the history of their prices, Pompliano said, in one of the leaflets published on his blog last August, that the small amount could go to USD 3,000 First of all, before seeing a good move in the market, something likely to be in the third quarter of 2019.

Pompliano explains that rent markets are likely to be in a position; last longer, remembering that she killed her; The first 160 day bear market (in 2011) and the second 400 days (2013-2014). As a result to count that a & # 39; Current bear market, if the historical move follows, lasts 650 days.

With similar arguments, Willy Woo's Exchange Market Marketer announces that the BTC is in the valley and will beat it down in the coming months. In order to make its preliminary statement, Woo uses the NVT (market value of BTC among the daily sales measure in USD), which was created by it in 2017, and its average price ; This decline in the last 200 days, or a moving average.

Suggested settings

In May 2018, the Resource Analyst, Thomas H. Lee, expected a bitcoin of USD 36,000 by the end of 2019, based on the # 39; potential impact of mineral infrastructure.

At that time, expert Wall Street explained that there was a risk of bitcoin disinfection, related to the accessibility of a hash (measure of bitcoin network processing power), which enabled the ability to change the prices. Despite this, he thought that growth could be This index will support the value of USD 36,000, with a range ranging from USD 20,000 to USD 64,000 until the end of 2019.

Although the market remained a downward movement in the months after this statement, Lee continued to be rehearsed in July 2018, to make sure that, priced around 9,000 USD and even 25,000 money at the end of the year.

The same type was held last October with Mike Novogratz, who was a partner of Goldman Sachs and a base fund manager established by the cryptocurrency Galaxy Digital bank, who said It is anticipated that there will be another race for the 2019 prize, which may be & # 39; breaking the barrier of 10,000,000.

However, he believes that this increase would be led by institutional investors and not with members of the community. The main reason for this situation is that a complete case of FOMO (fear of losing out no fear of being abolished of technological advances) at center level.

In short-term, the entrepreneur's expectations were not optimistic, for the date of those statements (before prices fell in November last year), as he ensured that the cryptoactive would not arrive again USD 9,000 in 2018.

The most optimistic

Head of the research company New Brains Meet, Fran Strajar, It is expected that bitcoin price will reach 200,000 of digits; USD not later than January 1, 2020.

In an interview published last May, he counted his calculations, which includes adopting levels of adoption, in a process, which will be reviewed, & # 39 ; grow at a price-related level.

The same hope was shown by John McAfee, who established his company of the same name, after and # 39; He said he would have announced a bitcoin at one million dollars in 2020. Although not at a special price for 2019, the entrepreneur decided that BTC could be around USD 170,000 on 31 December 2019, to be on the road to reach 1 million dollars to reach a year later.

Intermediate places

At a median level between hope and belief, another group of researchers, such as Todd Gordon, founder Accessibility, who was in different media by saying, shortly before the low level, to wait for a bitcoin drop to $ 4,000. Although he also expects to leave later You will return to $ 10,000 at the beginning of 2019.

It is expected to have more central expectations with the Professor of Financial and Financial Economics at the University of Complutense, Madrid, Pedro Durá, which is considered difficult to predict the bitcoin development next year.

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