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What happens to Natacha Jaitt's children after the death of their model?

I'm sorry for Natacha Jaitt's death affecting the lives of their strong children VAlentejo Yospe and Antonella Olivera and the opening of a paralleled and complex chapter.

Antonell, who is 20 years old and older than Jaitt, is the person who, from the sad news, has emerged through social networks. expresses his meaning and his / her; Submit tid words to his mother on his account.

Antonella Olivera, who was with Ulysses on a holiday in Brazil when they heard the news horrible.

On the other hand, the youngest son of the model, Valentino Yospe, the result of his relationship with the actor Adrián Yospe, who died in 2011 after a cancer fight.

On Saturday, as soon as Natacha's death was known, Ulises Jaitt said the 12-year-old boy was under the care of a family friend at the time of his mother's death.

After Natacha's death, and an ongoing study of what happened, what will happen to your children? On a mobile phone by Morning in the morning, the driver made sure fighting for Valentino's tenancy and that Antonella lives with him in a Villa Urquiza house.

"My sister was very encouraging to look after her son, and she likes her if something happened to me, let's see it, and my family is also happy ", recognizing Ulysses, after his brother-in-law Natacha Jaitt, Mariano Yospe, shows that he wants the possession of her / her child.

"My sister relieved heavily in addressing her son"

On the other hand, he talked about a situation Natacha's eldest daughterHe was sure he left Rosario, where he lived with his father, and coming to Buenos Aires to be with his brother.

"It is destroyed. He wants to come and live with us and he wants to create a family with his brother and I. Surely we have a family of three people ", Counting Ulises Jaitt.

"Certainly we have a family of three people"

In addition, he talked about it Valentino, the 12-year-old son of the media, and told him how death news was. "Since this happened, I first felt how to contact us. I took an educational psychologist and gave me all the steps I followed when this happened unfortunately. I respect that "was related to him.

"In terms of preparation, I am in the house with me and my sister is also in my house, and we are all three, they are never a wall", he stressed him.

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