What is at risk at the country's risk and why is it important to go down?

On-line, the dollar climbed 42 cents to $ 38.79, and the 26 cents sold to $ 37.66, with an operating measure of $ 557 million. Everyday; when the Central Bank made a slight slight increase in Leliq, to ​​59.23%, adding $ 121,663 million. It was 59.60% the highest level awarded and b & It is the lowest number of 56.998%.

In this context, it should be noted rural risk is a signal developed by JP Morgan who is the difference in the difference paid by the US Treasury bond against those in the rest of the countries. This account is made through its EMBI index, to be specific for each country (Argentine EMBI in our case).

In this way, the index index calculates the amount that requires payment, in the # 39; Argentine case, against the result of 10-year security issued by the United States Finance Department. If the country's risk is high, it can also have an adverse impact on long-term investments, a major strategy for work and increase the foreign currency amount.

In addition, it utilizes the country's financial needs. The current financial situation is marked by the coronary scandal that is currently in existence. striving for politicians and important businessmen, to contribute to a more complex global market for emerging markets in fear of a trade war between the United States and China, It has been a danger for a country from Argentina to the area of ​​754 a Monday base, an increase of 24 units related to Friday.

Although the limited policy devised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and which was executed by his / her. Central Bank has made the exchange situation within pre-established margins stable, the country's risk indicator does not stop rising and is at the highest levels of the last few years.

Only the last betting recorded at the end of last August is the signal JP Morgan Argentina had a higher standard, when it hit 783 submissions on September 5.

In addition, the mark of raising a 53% increase in the management of Mauricio Macri.

Country Danger is no more than the "extra" cost required by the national State, the Argentine departments or companies if they go out to debts instead, in terms of which bonds are The "safest" place for a museum, which is in the United States.

Consulted by the NA group about this situation, the Minister for Finance, Nicolás Dujovne, saying that the promotion of the display responds to the "political danger" that investors have to do with; look because the president can Mauricio Macri Will not be returned again next year.

"If we look at the collapse of the connections in the last few weeks, we see that it is due to the political danger, because you can see how the product bend is cut after the October elections next year," said the End of the year tost office with journalists.

In the Government they are not saying it, but they make it clear: raise the image and vote of voters Cristina de Kirchner In the surveys, he raises questions to financial investors about the future of the country and they usually return to their populist policies.

But not only does the challenger look at his / her; market: the highest level recorded yesterday happens in parallel with the greatest power for a leader; Chaibineit, Marcos Peña, decided by President Macri with her & # 39; move to a range of control on most of the # 39; public works.

So, a lot of sound created by a military judge, Claudio Bonadio, for the next Thursday Thursday Franco and Gianfranco Macri, the father and brother of the Native individual, said in an investigation that came from the purpose of notebooks with details of the proposed wage bribe to previous officers to access contracts in the transport area.

The increase was included within a 2.5% drop frame in the Merval de Bolsas y Argentados Market (BYMA) index, which was given in particular with the weaknesses revealed by ADRs of bundles and energy companies.

according to Pablo Goldín, economist and MacroView consultant leader, the financial market also looks at Argentina's long-term and long-term debt receipts that he needs to comply with.

Without considering loan loans or revenue reassurance, debt payment commitments have a debt; going to 24,945 million dollars in 2019 and 21,406 million dollars in 2020.

Similarly, the country must pay 25,114 million other dollars in 2021; 25,308 million dollars in 2022 and 18,642 million dollars in 2023.

The extent to which the Country's threat arrives in fear of Cambiemos, which gave a three-year service in power Monday: it was December 10, 2000, almost a year before the crisis ended by order of & # 39; first president. Fernando De la Rúa, the score was 794 points.

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