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While Templeton is a & # 39; Considering strong strong Argentineans, BlackRock is coming out to go to # 39; transfer of local resources

Two of the most powerful real estate assets in the world have a challenging position on Argentinian assets and the market is expect who to believe Although the leader of Templeton Michael Hasenstab was confident that "Argentina has directed the emerging markets in 2019," BlackRock started a local band.

"It does not stop selling AY24 (Bonar 24), and already about 65 million dollars," which appears to LPO as a market activist. The number, though not very much for this mega asset that is a handle 20,000 million dollars in the country, which show a shift that moves; happening with all the actors.

The jobs say that the investment funds have found that 56.2 billion dollars have been removed in the last 45 days, and that is means the largest draw of streams since 2008. "We are seeing an ongoing sale and one of the most vulnerable emergencies it is sensible to be & # 39 ; Armed all possible situations, "said financial inspector Christian Buteler.

Is that one of the largest debtors around the world, with 30,000 million dollars that were released in 2017, the outside market is too big and well above national papers. In this situation, which added to the level of risk in Macri's time that this Thursday reached 834 points, which provided a very difficult retail place when it does not; find customers.

BlackRock and Templeton lost over USD 1.1 billion and punished Macri's penalty

Sources near BlackRock, they informed this center that they estimate that they can take away 1,000 million dollars in funds by the end of the year. The crisis of this property is proven by the bad warnings of his famous Aladdin risk management system. "With a fairly perfect risk system like this, Argentine bands are unable to deliver the screen," 14% rendered, "said market analyst Francisco Uriburu.

At the same time, together with Templeton, BlackRock is very open to the Treasury Fund (BOTEs) issued by the former Finance Minister Luis Caputo to ban the dollar over $ 25 on May 15 at -year.

At that time, the Argentinean authorities were sure to cost around 3,000 million dollars, as a result of the value they had; thereafter and as a result of the acceleration of inflation already lost more than 1,100 million dollars.

Sadly, it is the first investment investor that's in; Maintain most of these instruments, a & # 39; Looking 57.32% of BOTES 2026 and 44.7% of those who become adult in 2023, who are adds to more than 6,200 million that focus on Argentine debt.

This is why the hope of achieving Argentina's economy is being sought as an attempt to excavate the " market to get more buyers opportunities for their newspapers. This is the usual behavior of Wall Street, which was a few days before the start of the premium emergency, with second-level banks and investment assets that reduced the complex features of the explosion that was ahead of a & # 39; financial bankruptcy.

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