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Wine and healing health: Doctors disagree with moderation – Society

Research co-ordinated by Argentino scientist Ricardo López Santi, recently donated by the World Congress Geography in Dubai, focuses on his & # 39; medical community, If you're wondering the wonders of a vinegar for worm healthcare.

The Cardiology Argentin Federation (FAC) agreed to this study agreed by the Psychotherapy Council in the Inquiry of the University of Queens (Canada) where it is Analyzing the amount of alcohol and its impact on cardiovascular health by Argentine doctors

These are advance results that will be completed by data provided by professionals from Canada and Uruguay who also carry out the survey.

The total of 745 professionals were inspected: 671 experts, 18 experts in a pharmacy inside, 17 general employees and 36 specialists.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily consumption proposed, which is the UBE (General Oils Unit) technology, including about 10 grams of alcohol, equivalent to 100 ml wine glass, capable of 250 ml beer. no whiskey glass 30 ml.; and the different measures, in two UBEs per day for men, or every woman every day, due to the metabolism.

With regards to the views of middle alcohol, 35% of doctors (257/737) believe that it is beneficial for cardiac health, 36% (264/737) says that there is only wine to offer benefits like this. 24% (179/737) believe that the surprise is harmful and 5% have other ideas (37/737).

In the decision, out of every four doctors, there are three and three; recommends the patient to drink it in methods and that he is completely in a position; opposed him.

In terms of knowledge of patterns and spending patterns, professionals are not satisfied with their current knowledge.

Only 41% are familiar with their "normal drink" concept. 83% believe that this school is misleading and that spending patterns do not know and 85% should be balanced in each country.

The level is a critical starting point for future research and demonstrating the need to make the best knowledge sources.

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