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Workless staff: the Government is making the ruling but the pilots are worthy of compliance – 11/12/2018

On the request of the ANAC (National Civil Air Administration), the Government decided that this Wednesday afternoon will be ruled Preventing compulsory arrangements for a 48 hour stop Calls for this Thursday and Friday, with the pilots of pilots, APLA and UALA oppose what they are proposing as a "employment" of the Executive's activities. encouraged.

He still wants to find out what the guilds do, as they go over with the Government. Indeed, Pablo Biró, general secretary of APLA and directed the battalion in announcing the amount of strength he said to Clarin: "It is not fitting for them to prove the settlement", He hesitated, although he did not change why. But he said: "They see what our lawyers do if they are driving it."

It is worth saying that if it is responding and does not have it; surrender, the union which are basically considered and & # 39; Probably the target of penalties and taxes is very expensive. Not to repeat again remember that anti-law pollution was governed by the Government to deny mandatory settlement: the fine was 1,042 million pesos, although the Court managed to welcome the union.

The conflict was born by Resolution 895/2018, published on November 22. According to ANAC "which aims to extend the procedures retention of foreign flight tutors. Currently in the country there are 28 foreigners certified, all staff, with unique knowledge and training to manage other schemes, which represent 1.5% of the total number of pilots of air lines in the country, which are Argentineans (1766) ".

But the guilds of pilots, APLA and UALA, do not call a 48 hour strike strike yesterday; see like that. Pablo Biró, general secretary of APLA, and who plays in the Frente Sindical for his & her; National Model that includes many leaders guild K, who explained: "There is a clear attempt to screw and destroy Argentineil's work and, thereby, the level of security in air navigation, we will stop for 48 hours as a starting measure ". Follow him: "We are narrowing routes, hulls, eliminating pilots. The trading policy policy has failed. In this context, ANAC has a & # 39; certify licenses of foreign pilots to replace us. Some are so brutal that they do not have Spanish. "And, unlike what ANAC says, he told the newspaper that pilots are already working on Flybondi and Norway.

The level of tension was achieved with such a point that this is the first time, in public, on Biró, written by Minister of Transport Guillermo Dietrich as "corrupt" and Thomas Insausti as ANAC leader.

The minister was to force the force's link to a case "policy"":" The union group is trying to make a huge damage to Airms, want to destroy the Argentine air market, and Providing passengers by virtue of its case that is completely unreasonable, "said Dietrich.

At the same time, ANAC chief executive Tomás Insausti said Clarin: "This is an ANAC mission quiz about a new excuse to stop it, before Flybondi was reached, or El Palomar airport and now it is due to a license problem." The truth is that there was no change in policies. "

For unions this new conflict is not a remote event. They maintain that "the government is moving forward with policies that strike or eliminate the power of the union". They indicate, for example, that Flybondi can avoid self-service ramp service; avoid Intercargo service. So last week spent 30 days for the Air Force authority and air policemen to run ramp and platform functions. So, Airlines are trying to debat the Common Agreements.

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