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World AIDS Day | There are around 129,000 people living with HIV in Argentina

1 December 2018

A report from the Ministry of Health notes that 20% are not aware that they have continued to; virus. In addition, it is precise that 83.5% of those who are familiar with their diagnosis are in handled. Most of them are issued in the public system.


An Directorate of AIDS, STD, Hepatitis and TBC (DSETSHyT) has today published a report in which it updates data on HIV control, maintenance and abolition.

According to this new work, in Argentina the virus is about 129,000 people, although 20% are not familiar with it. In addition, 83.5% of those who are diagnosed with their diagnosis are in handling and that number, Most are treated in the public system.

Unfortunately, 35% of the new judgments have occurred in the late (30% of women and 37% of male). In contrast, DSETSHyT He says that a woman with a virus for everyone with HIV. For almost 15 years, the death rate for AIDS has been almost unchanged, standing at 3.4 per 100 miles (2016).


The Secretariat for the Prevention and Control of Communications and Immunopreventable Diseases, Miriam Burgos, he explained:

"The current challenge is to extend the offer of restriction activities and to implement and consolidate a broad care model through healthcare certification , built in the areas and community. These actions need to be guided by the principles that the DSETSHyT promotes, such as universality, access, quality information and participation social "


The report also explains that 98% of people infected with the disease; do that by keeping unnecessary sex. Among the males, half has been converted through genres with females and the other half when it is associated with other men.

At national level, the work gives warning of the disease-oriented disease (STIs) warning. This type of disease has risen dramatically. This is a syphilis case, and its issues have been problematic between 2013 and 2017 ranging from 11.7 to 35.2 per 100 miles and went to Proportion of endeavor in normal examinations made by pregnant women from 2% to 3.2% in the same time.

Fundación Huésped, a body that works on public protection policies, this data and worked to get better steps from the countries to take forward and remove AIDS.

For this reason, in the middle of a G2 conference that is held in Buenos Aires City, the Foundation, along with the United Nations Association of AIDS Program (UNAIDS), co-objections to submit aIDS to an international agenda.

According to their hospitality, around 940,000 people around the world died from AIDS related illness in the past year. In addition, in 2017, 75% of HIV-related people were diagnosed and 79% had cure access. 81% of those who had the viral device were unknown.

Scientific certification: They manage to & # 39; Vaccination of HIV vaccine in 6 patients

Pedro Cahn, scientific director of the Foundation, said:

"If 90% of HIV-related people knew the test, mentally ill-treated and non-verbal abuse, it would be possible to control HIV / AIDS infection in 10 years. This is the responsibility of world leaders and is not a hugely objective because machinery like most countries is testing, cure and improving in the quality of life of people with HIV. That's why we want us to avoid unavoidable death and we will send HIV on our agenda "


For his, President Huéspe, Kurt Frieder said "In the last nine years, the G20 did not enter HIV in any of its official documents. It is just mentioned in the document signed by Health Ministers in Mar del Plata, in 2018, and in a completely positive way. ".

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