World Colony Day Day 31 March 2019

On Cancer Day, the warnings show that Argentina is the second most common cancer in Argentina, with nearly 13,500 new cases a year and 20 people dying each day.

From what50 years of man, what may be referred to as a preliminary disease, called the colon and rectum, may be infectious. (premalignant) called adenomatous polyps: which would be similar to warts that rose from the intestines of the bowels. These unsuccessful weaknesses, which have not been found early and removed, mean colorectal cancer (CRC).

CCR is the harmful tumor that grows in the last part of the bone path (iStock)  t

Just one It makes sure that 27% of people are aged 50 to 75 years old, until most cancers are found in advanced stages, which significantly compare their treatment.

As well as the controls after 50 years, experts say it is essential to improve everyday diet. A diet full of red meat and sausage is boiled and fewer vegetables are associated with the greater CRC risk. A balanced diet appears not only to stop the CRC but also other harmful diseases such as coronation, including the diet of calcium-rich foods such as milk. It is also advisable to ban tobacco, reduce alcohol use, avoid inactivity and prevent obesity.

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Importance of the colonoscopy

Initial judgment involves the treatment of 90% of breast cancer, today, March 31, is Sabbath Day against Colony Pier. This disease now causes twenty people each day in Argentina. In males this is the third order of cancer, after lung and protein and cancer the second most common, after breast cancer.

Viola said it was one of the easiest cancers to stop it (iStock)

Who should be a colonoscopy?

They are more at risk of developing colorectal cancer who have symptoms and signs that may be caused by a disease change the colonsuch as hemorrhages, anemia, diarrhea or violent diarrhea, eye mucus, weight loss, abdominal masses and blockage of the stool.

It is also useful to be used by those with severe diverticulitis – after the emergency has been given and suspected chest disease, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, of years t gained, amongst other things.
Those over 50 years of age, people with family history of lung cancer, polyposis or associated disease should also go through this test. It is also marked in patients with more than eight years of infectious bowel disease or for working and treating breast cancer, among others.
Depending on the case and the colonoscopy results, some can be done every five to ten years, while others must be carried out every year or every three years.

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