Worried about the effects of the storm on wheat planting

Wheat is one of the strong points of the 2018 2019 autumn season and one of the areas that hope the country's economic revival. At the same time, climate events can play a trick, because agricultural experts are warning them in the weather of Santa Fe Four hectares decreased per hectare due to wheat.

Restrictions in the central and southern areas were also restricted, especially Santa Fe's stock exchange that the process for harvesting wheat in the largest continues slowly during the week, saying Daniel Aprile, an agricultural expert, in communication with the radio program made by the journalist Gustavo Sylvestre.

At the same time, April said that the situation is expected to be; developed in the future. Over the days upgrade your pace, which they enjoy with the climate conditions that are sustainable and sustained; Creating better settings for the missing autumn. Equipment and server shift was centrally focused and south, which reached 90% of progress areas; the autumn left 35,500 hectares, he said.

In this way, they ensure that this week is an important part of wheat, one of the first time of the season. Hard wheat comes up to 1,200.00 miles. The main destination is Brazil. The price of cereal and wheat in Chicago also rises, says Martn Steeman, agricultural columnist, when he participated in the radio program that was held daily by journalist Jorge Lanata .

Similarly, experts in the agriculture sector are still hopeful and we hope to meet the high levels set by Mauricio Macri's economic team. For the first day of December, it is anticipated that there will be a 20% increase in the export of a bus-machine. Wheat, wheat and wheat continue to go up in Chicago, Steeman, last week.

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