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Year of challenges and changes – News and Protestants

2018 will be remembered as a year in which no analysis of economic progress has failed. The economic analysts, the only ones that are foreseen today for 2019, added a dollar of 22 pesos for December this year, and the Argentine economy as a "technician" in decline. They indicate that there are not eight companies that have allowed permission to remove gas from Vaca Muerta and its presence. south sea; the French Total group has a gas supply contract registration to Chile for twelve months and, in parallel, has signed a consent to convert natural gas to petrol gas demand for export to third countries , so to & # 39; turning the true generation to 2015.

This contract may be an incredible change of change as there are very few economic disasters. President YPF clarified, in a meeting with the media "This battalion, which is scheduled for February, will allow Vaca Muerta to market a gas to more than 40 countries in LN LN. This is the first wet LNG exchange project in Latin America, the third in the world, which includes Argentina in the election agency of LNG exports countries. " Not only does the news tell how quickly the energy transformation of the energy area has been destroyed by the policies of the previous twelve years, but for its sake. The first time it is recommended to add value to primary school produce such as gas. There are not many players at the LNG market, and the Japanese market, today is committed to this energy supply, and & # 39; offer an unobstructed position in the distance.

Shibata Akio, president of the Energy Center of Japan, says in a recent report: "Due to the timber of shortage of electricity, the electricity companies chose to supply" Due to the fear of long-term electricity shortage, the electricity companies have provided the supply of the Japanese Semi-Earthquake Earthquake on 11 March 2011. is maintained by increasing the use of thermal energy energy. " Japan's centenary is responsible for the introduction of fuel, and has decided to solve nuclear energy by 2050. Argentina has an amazing opportunity to act as a full actor in the contracts supply to Japan. Akio Points: "Normally, there are twenty-one-year LNG purchases, twenty-five years, which make it very difficult for businesses. These contracts give the buyer the amounts even though their purchases have been lower (accepting or paying contracts). These hard contracts contribute to the strengthening of even more of these issues, even though they have been paid to them, 39; there may be a need for supply sustainability. For this character of a "special order" and their coherence, the application of non-discrimination in the supply provision ".

It's a fact named by the media mainstream metropolitan, or not placed in a place where the media are scarce, which translates this truth in news about knowledge; people. If it's about changes, these are realistic, and highlight the success of the agenda in the coming years.

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