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Yedlin warned that there is "no delay" in the distribution of the vaccines

Although it is not yet found that the flu virus has started circulating, at least in Tucumán, vice-president. T Pablo Yedlin He was concerned about the delay in distributing the ban.

The parliamentarian, who will govern over the Front Justicialista block in Tucumán and which was the main cause of the vaccination, explained that there is no set date for introducing the vaccination campaign. "It's about the preparation of a vaccine that changes every year so the aim is to spread it as quickly as one person does, before being able to circulate the virus," he said. T .

Yedlin remembered that previous years had been distributed in mid-March. “That difference in those years is that the vaccine would have to be introduced, but today she is made in Argentina, I was in the factory on 19 February and the hopes were ready, so there is some delay and danger because it is already available. said the priest.

"We don't know if the purchase order comes from Nation, but there are 10 million doses that reach thousands of vaccines around the country," he said.

"I say," said the deputy, "nobody falls asleep and the techniques are crushed because the flu can be deadly for risk groups." In this respect, he remembered that a vaccine should be given from six months to two years (they should take two measures between one month), those over 65 years (he should be immunized with the prevention of pneumococcus), women who should be vaccinated. pregnant, health staff and people with chronic conditions.

Finally, Yedlin remembered that the money the State should be spending to buy vaccines is promised in the budget. "Investing in vaccines is not a cost, it has been shown that smaller vaccines are being protected and without buying them in law," he said.

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