"You are ruined by your occupation and your life does not already have a lie in the future": a hard hit for Jorge Rial

Natacha Jaitt is one of the most political media. Its media presence is the result of the messages that are directed to different meditations with which it has a great deal of difference. If we check your Twitter account, we will be sure we will find the journalist with whom he has; Most people fight Jorge Rial, with whom it's taking psimo.

Now, scared the fear again the driver in the Intruders through a tweet. Rial He continued with the game between Boca and River for his & her; final of the Libertadores Cup and, at the end, describing the event. The competition is about the players and fans who are familiar with the loss of the party. Everything else is terrible. You play against everyone. Self and weird. Then he added to him: And we destroyed the day. Jaitt came out at her visit, as he was always, and answered him: And you are ruined by your life and you do not have much life on a lie. What's more important?

Every time the ideas of a more spiritual model, a situation that began in the middle of the year, when Brunna had to go into a psychiatrist hospital. At that time Natacha came with a young girl Jorge and said he said he was convinced and that he was better for the girl. Indeed, when he published a picture that showed that he was a & # 39; Coming with more during the process, the frightened frightened: That picture did not go out, show how unfortunate & # 39; he is even there, he is not with More Rial ah, they spent it. He will only get Jorge Rial's psychologist on his phone. THE EILEAN. So eaten the jokes that hate you at Jorgito.

He said, for all, all the time that Jaitt and his brother only did not benefit from the situation and his / her; reflect the young people with intent. "Morena was almost killed, much money has been stolen and she is seriously damaging, I want the invasive brothers to stay away and let me take care of the revival of the my daughter, "he said during preparation during his visit. makes clear mention of the little brothers.

Not to be careful, Nati grew even bigger about her dreams. It is clear that a court is included because you did not personally expose for it and that it will be as good. There are no other words, Mr. JUDGE. Father x tweets, what's wrong, irony. And forts: He was not even consulted, or advised not to wake up that room from the clinic just to a psychic. That is illegal, since they are more than legal age, they should talk to, consult, tell, whatever they are, least. And much more … #VidasSiniestras #HechosReales.

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