Argentine's penalties were the money that was going on; The top that lost its most value in its & # 39; past year


Gradual shift up levels of interest in the US they made a decision in strengthen the dollar North America opposes most of the countries that are in the US. emerging. In the case of Argentine Poverty, the The exchange rate was very large, because it was inspired by major disadvantages in the rural economy.

From the end to the end, it was a historic decline. In the year 2018, the largest in 16 years since their conversion in 2002 was severely damaged. Argentine falls 50.6% Against the dollar, that is to say in our exchange market US currency changes its value.

When you analyze it Dollar dollar (DXY), financial marks made of a average average of dollar value North America in terms of other funds, it is seen that it is appears in 96.23.9% dollar in the last year.

Report Personal Portfolio Investments He said that "only money in America is only the contemporaries that have been improved, but also against the money coming up. Euro (USD 1,147) and the Libra (USD 1,269) weak with 4.5% and 6.1%, respectively"

"But, money the countries that were in the country; Coming out is the worst part, in particular, those with a low economy Important outbuildings outside and visa"we put a Personal Portfolio.

This negative ranking was above the Argentine Peso (-50.5%), Turkish Lira (-28%), the Russian Rubail (-17.1%), the Real Brazilach (-14.5%) and South African Rand (-13.8%).

Impact of the "running to the dollar"

An jump of exchange rate throughout 2018 he used a strong pressure on prices included, especially trading. The general inflation in Argentina will be spread out travel almost 48% collected in twelve months.

In the same way, reducing money worrying down lower financial asset prices, le sections yes, on average They reduced their value by half Dimensions in dollars, while prices are bonuses Resolved in the Electronic Open Market (MAE) Generally 20.7% throughout the past year.

Report Ecolaitin He said "the famous foreign exchange debt which indicated the Argentine economy in 2017 is preserved in the ongoing stream of financial impediments. Because they did not have a warrant, the general and brutal shift caused money exchange ".

The value of the dollar in the Town was increased by more than 40% in the third quarter, going from less than 29 pesos in late June to the end of June. scheduled September 28 , closed $ 41.85 for the public and $ 41.25 in the retail market.

"In this way, the significant reduction of LEBAC stocks and the place taken by a lower source of waste and without a high school marketLELIQ), a very astringent money policy and the larger rules on hard bank investment, preventing this from recurring in the fourth season", he emphasized Ecolatina.

In fact, when you come Guido Sandleris to the leadership of the Central Bank the dollar dropped 7.2% in the last quarter of the year, from values ​​to # 39; registration.

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