Ariana Grande has "Thank U", Next & # 39; Trailer Is All & Meaning Girls & # 39; and Pete Davidson Jokes


By adding the Ariana Grande to expand a creative world.

Music videos are not usually referred to as barriers, but the star star has been to build a superhero film level ahead of its output; Music video for her No.1 budget "thank you, next thing."

The singer on Monday night fell on the teaser singer for his video, who promised to go to; Coming soon, and it's so amazing for the 2000s and the stars as we hoped.

The short skip is inspired by a classical "Girls" series in which secondary students are able to; heard about queen queen Regina George. As well as playing a & # 39; This queen with Grande, who does not appear in the teaser, and everyone is talk about everything that goes down in her emotional personal life.

Everyone from Troye Sivan is starred by Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond's "Mean Girls" stars (as famous Queen Regina's knockout) and YouTuber Colleen Ballinger.

Drummond's character has recently referred to a recent divide by Pete Davidson's "Saturday Night Live" humorist, telling the camera, "Ariana took hold of her involvement. So I found a man who & # 39; praise me, and I broke my partnership. "

We know that there is more to be on the way, because "Mean Girls" is just one of the four teenage classes that Grande has promised to move into the video. "Legally Blonde," "13 A" 30 "and" Bring It On "also spoke the music video.

People were aware of social media (and "Mean Girls" fans everywhere) shaken by the teaser, and Grande allowed her to go ahead.

Now everyone says thank you, Ariana Grande.

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