Arikson, 33, had been nominated for $ 100,000 – a week


Arikson's chef, 33, from Farms in Stockholm, has embarked on a cathedral. And it's completely the bump itself.

Arikson is a large party prize.

– I sometimes stay on a health morning. I'll drink it, taxi, after a party – I'll go to it; Buying a lot and spending a lot of money, he says.

And the cookie is not enough to drink enough.

Her beloved has a lover in Iseabelle to help her with money and money; He is the one who told the program.

Arixson's girlfriend, Isabelle, has reduced to help her with money.

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Arikson has five different credit cards and will be used to pay for nights to & # 39; party for himself and his friends. When Patrik Wincent, program manager, is asking Isabelle on the shoulder of Arikson, it is clear from the answer how sad & his party is:

– I know that he is sitting by credit cards, because so I came to him. I would pay a bill and her; Seeing that he was just a party and had settled the next 100,000 kronor in a week, says Isabelle.

Patrik Wincent and director of the Magdalena Kowalczyk program Understanding that Arikson needs to restore his life completely.

As well as he does not know what money he is spending at the festivals around Stureplan, he is very hard to pay bills.

Kronofogden has sent a letter about an unpaid electronic bill, it appears.

Magdalena Kowalczyk:

– You'll burn $ 18,000 on the hook for yourself and others. Is not it self-contained?

"I know it's not good," replied Arikson.

Arikson gets a good mind.

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"It is uncertain"

After his first conviction with the party's prize, Magdalena Kowalczyk will get out:

"First of all, he must change his lifestyle completely. Secondly, he must learn about spending. He must pay with his money, he can not continue with beliefs this way.

Arikson says himself that he wants to change his behaviors.

At the Arixian economy review, the program directors who want to:

– You'll be back $ 17 118 per month. He's sad, says Patrik Wincent.

– You can not live like this. He can not do it. There will be an accident in the near future.

When the credit debts are counted together, SEK 158,489 is admitted. At the Patrik Wincent call, Arikson will cut the credit cards.

"You're back 17 118 SEK per month. It's uncertain," said Patrik Wincent, Program Manager.

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When you apply for the responsibility of his / her son

Magdalena Kowalczyk will meet with Arikson and Isabelle together. It has been marked for $ 208,884 this year and when Arikson has been broken off as it is the responsibility of a party like this he is disturbing him.

"Ah, fanadair, I do not want anyone to talk to me like that," said Arikson, and sent.

– I felt too much of them. That's why I went away, he says later.

Arikson is overwhelmed through the talks with his program director Magdalena Kowalczyk and ex Isabelle.

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After TV sales, the Kronofogden electric bill can pay the pictures, the brush machine and a pair of decorated chromes. The new budget means Arikson is in addition to zero: 27,300 in and 27,300, respectively.

Magdalena Kowalczyk says that he will be free of charge in a year if he is able to pay 11,000 kronor a month on the different credit loans.

"Do not make a party how I use it"

A month later, Arikson seems to have been trying to look after the councils and her. keep their budget new.

"My life is a lot better because it's a" satisfied catching ". Now I'm not a party as it uses me. I will focus more on the job, I do not pay taxi further, I have started training.

The "luxurious break" by Arikson will be broadcast Tuesday, November 27, 20.00 on TB3, Viafree and Viaplay.

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