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With the Argentine Cup under the middle arm, he will prepare for his first half full of duties. El Canalla will play Supercopa Argentine against Boca, the only eleven game of Super League, the Copa Libertadores and the new Cup Cup. Although you have to play with another team in a number of games, players who do not have the team will be before 2019; Starting to know each other.

And here's how the football players can download that Patón Bauza does not care for them. The first is the Uruguayan Diego Arismendi, despite his & her; When he reached the club, he did not meet his expectations.

"I think it's going to meet it quickly and has no problems," said Paton when the midfielder named his contract with his & # 39; center. But that feeling was quite far from the Uruguayan truth with a middle shirt. The team has never been successful, when it was possible to show himself that he lost them, he was injured and always showed more mistakes than the effects of the field.

Four months ago, the Uruguayan total pass Canalla purchased and so should look for a new look in the coming days or on 2 January in Dry Arroyo, even if you have no minutes of court.

Arismendi suffered the same tax as his colleague, Santiago Romero, who came to Arroyito in mid-2017, when Paolo Montero was a wild technician. He started as a starting point, but he did not play too much. It was six times for the Super League and three for the Argentine Cup from the beginning, but lived in Rosario very soon. After six months and a place in the team that Leo Fernandez had already managed, he returned to Nacional.

Another man who came to Arroyito also came with many posters and Gastón Gil Romero was expecting more than one. Like Arismendi and Romero, its natural setting is a midfielder. When he started in Estudiantes, he was a captain of Pincha, but the La Plata club was incredibly impressed. He reached Rosario with Coudet as a coach, he was wounded in his first game and never played the cut in Central. It was the season and he was away.

The Patón orders

In terms of supporting the future season, members will have a meeting. board and Mauro Cetto Friday to begin the following steps to continue with the application for Patón Bauza orders to be fulfilled for their first semester.

The midfielders will start on 2 January with the physical training Bruno Militano and José Di Leo, a Bauza Ranger assistant, who will only come back to the stand-up four days later.

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