Armed with the Academy: The brilliant artists who never won Grammy TV and Exhibition


This Sunday, February 10, brings together the best American music Staples Center from Los Angeles to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Grammy Awards.

The difference made by the National Academy for Art and US Science Recording, recognizing the best artists in the industry, is the only thing in this field that can be done with the Hollywood Oscars , and the winners they think they are always better.

However, and despite the fact that the ceremony has been held since 1965, artists that are not recognized by his & her; yellow ghramophone.

This has caused complexity to the academy and also the surprise of the fans of musicians, because they are spectacular of the species that, in their opinion, are worthy of more than one prize, but sometimes they have arrived or even to name.

Here, we'll identify 7 banners and artists who, though you do not believe it, have been in & # 39; receive valuable Grammy:


The Britons have been disturbing her & her; This year's public with biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, who represents the life of Freddy Mercury and his / her; group. However, although he has been one of the most important organizations in the world, he never got a Grammy, although they have respected them with 4 nominations (two for Bohemian Rhapsody, based on the prize website).

However, the band got the legends of the prize Lifelong Performance Awards, a prize donated at the service to artists who played an important part in the recording of music, although the notion came only in 2018.


Although they received an honorary prize, like Queen, at that time they reminded Robby Krieger, guitar and group, Jim Morrison, and commented on how honest he would have to acknowledge, that this is a # 39; The first time someone from the historical group went forward to get an award.

This is because of the fact that it was not written; Ever since Californian was awarded the prize Although the move was made as a member the same year the ceremony started and had a short time, in that time the group took 8 singles for the Top 40, as Ben Fong-Torres tells in memory of the Doors.

The Who

The animated predators are not listed on the Grammy winners either. With a successful role, they became one of the amazing 20th century bands, but they only received two names, in 1990 and 2008, get a state.

But, like other classic bands that did not win this prize, they got the Lifelong Performance Awards In 2007, a kind of concert award for the group that has been achieved sold over 100 million records, about 30 singles in the top 40 in the United States and the United Kingdom, gold, platinum and multi-platinum records.

Jimmy Hendrix

One of the best guys at all times has not won a Academy Award that recognizes music industry.

The Seattle icon has not been ruled but named in 1970, although he later got back in 1992 Lifelong Performance Awards, showing the Grammy website.

Bob Marley

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Although the academy praised him with Rihanna's partnership, Bruno Mars, Sting and his son, Ziggy Marley, did not know enough for a classical author There is no woman there is no cry.


15 Grammy awards have been hosted by the original Icelandic artist, but there is no sign of their prize room, because she has never won the most valuable recognition.

It is said that Björk would not respond to the prizes departments, but this may be a year, because it is named for his & her; his record Utopia. According to Variety, the singer could finally get the prize, how hard it was.


Non-impressive artists and textiles have not been able to access the types that recognize their & # 39; best music. The Americans did not have one name, at the 1999 event, for their & # 39; Psycho Circus Best Hard Rock Performance.

Unfortunately, the academy noticed them and stayed until now, because they have not been a part of the candidates again.

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