Army law will be introduced tomorrow with the release of its newspaper "Voice of Ukraine"


News of Ukraine: A presidential order is now being established on the introduction of 30-day military law and will be released on Wednesday in the Voice of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine, who took Monday on the Verkhovna Rada, included the law enforcement of 30-day military law, has now been processed by the legal and On Wednesday 28th November, parliamentary newspaper officially announced, Golos Ukrainy, chief executive of Verkhovna Rada's Committee on Freedom of information and information policy Victoria Syumar (faction "Front Popular").

"In the attention of journalists." Uryadovy Kuryer "newspaper published a presidential order sent to the Verkhovna Rada. The document on military law, which was held by yesterday (around 30 days) now worked out in the law section and will be published tomorrow in "Golos Of Ukraine" newspaper, "- wrote V. Syumar on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

"In particular, this is not a matter where dates or other arrangements are possible," she said.

Subsequently, the European Union's Deputy Prime Minister and the Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ivanna Klimpush-Tsintsadze, have postulated the NV Network of Radio Editors Valery Kalnysh on the social network. Facebook newspaper in Uryadovy Kuryer newspaper on Tuesday presided over on the submission of the NSDC's decision on military law, where the date of commencement on November 26th.

"It has been discovered. It has been correctly printed, those who are responsible will be subjected to disciplinary responsibility. The repository will be printed. This order will be deferred completely. In a magazine that morning, the law and coherent order will be published, "said I. Klimpush-Tsintsadze.

"Including military law in Ukraine": Legal text

As reported on November 26, the Verkhovna Road agreed to include law of arms in several parts of Ukraine, which was announced by the order of President Pedro Poroshenko for 30 day. However, it is not yet clear what time and date it has been introduced, as in the first version of the preliminary order it was stated: from 14:00 onwards, November 26 for 60 days. At the same time, President Petro Poroshenko, a television address, stated that he had decided to amend the law of arms law – 9:00 on November 28, 2018. The final text of the command was not finalized , who was voted by the Parliament, was still published.

As stated on the website of the National Security and Security Council of Ukraine, there was an official message about "the introduction of a legal legal 30-day settlement in the regions of Ukraine, which ends The Russian Federation and Transnistria, which begins at 14.00 on November 26 to December 26 of the year. "

At the same time, in the news department on the Verkhovna Rada website, after voting and accepting the law, it was said: "The rule expects the law to – under arms law in Ukraine from 9 on November 28, 2018 for 30 days to 9 hours on 27 December 2018 ".

Also, a speech before the vote, P. Poroshenko said that the military situation in some parts of Ukraine would not be applied only in a Russian military invasion case. "We need to make a decision on the opposition to the law of arms. I want to confirm that it will be implemented only in the Russian army of the Army's military defense case," said the president.

"As soon as the Russian soldier goes beyond the borders of Ukraine, I have not lost one page to make sure Ukraine's land protection," emphasized the pressure of the Ukrainian state.

The presidential order has enforced the law of arms officially stated in accordance with the law in terms of the agreement of such an order and "coming to force at the same time when the that law. "

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