Around 538 Cambodian the disease with HIV in 2018: minister of health – Xinhua


PHNOM PENH, 12 March (Xinhua) – Around 538 people were newly born with HIV in 2018 in Cambodia, surprisingly from 2,562 years ago, Bunheng's Health Minister Tuesday said.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

"The level of transmission is HIV 0.03 cases out of 1,000 people," he said at a speech at the opening ceremony of the annual ministry.

More than 67,000 Cambodians are currently living with HIV / AIDS, taking the minister from 87.22 out of which there are antiretroviral drugs.

Ieng Mouly, chairman of the AIDS National Authority, last month said that another 10,000 people are suffering from AIDS living in hiding and cannot be cured.

He said over the last two decades that southeast Asia had planted around 800 million dollars into HIV / AIDS.

“As a result, Cambodia has successfully managed to halt 900,000 people,” he said in a press release to be issued on the AIDS National Authority website.

"This is a huge social and economic impact for Cambodia," he said.

In Cambodia, the first HIV infection was detected and diagnosed in 1991 and the first AIDS case was found in 1993.

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