Arsene Wenger presents a major innovation on the future in links with Paris Saint-Germain


Arsenal Arsenal Wenger admits that he is not sure about returning to football management.

The Frenchman has been out of work since over two decades by the Gunners to finalize the season, although it was linked to Bayern Munich and Real Madrid earlier in the campaign.

Since then Wenger has ruled out that he will always be The La Liga giants rule and in a new interview it has been a new refurbishment of what is in the future and it is likely that it is difficult to return to control through links to Paris Saint-Germain.

"I do not know in the future. Even for me," he said when he was a Speaking at the Laureus Sport for Good show. "I've enjoyed the daily life now and I've been traveling a lot recently around the world.

"I enjoy a little smaller pressure. And more freedom too.

"But I missed the competition.

"I turned some clubs. But, in particular, my job is to help people get the best out and I continue to do yes – what I do not know.

"To do it first I need to find the best thing myself and I'll try to do that too.

"Will I do it on the field or do it by sharing my / her experiences with people in post?"

Arsene Wenger is holding a golden replica of the 2003/04 Premier League award that was awarded for her. going on for the Emirates full-league session in May 2018 as long as he was ready to decline as manager.

Wenger has also said on Aaron Ramsey's decision to arrive at Juventus at the end of the season.

"He's a good player," he said. "His main character is to keep his last ball and is fascinating to run deeply.

"You do not find many players today who can do the middle of the park to run where they play. It's an interesting help for Juventus. "

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