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Arts Award for Fruhauf

The Grieskirchner has been awarded in the Film Department

Arts Award for Fruhauf

Siegfried A. Fruhauf Photo: private

Winners of the 2019 Austrian Arts Awards were announced. In the movie he is going to the Heiligenberg in the Grieskirchen district that is in coming from Siegfried A. Fruhauf. The 43-year-old test maker is represented at many prestigious film festivals, including Cannes, Sundance (SA) and Berlinale, with his complex work, usually lasting between one and ten minutes. In Upper Austria, the three-year-old father of one of the Wizards Youki Festival craftsmen and is regularly part of Crossing Europe. The Austrian Arts Award, which is financed by 15,000 euros, will be awarded in eight other categories. The Welser Kulturverein wash-aecht is found, as OÖN's name, in the "cultural enterprise" section. In the subject of Literature, the author Arno Geiger is honored, because her music is her. The electronic sound destination Elisabeth Schimana, which was recorded for the Linzer fiftitu% of the Traunstein club. The prizes will be presented in all nine divisions at the end of February in Vienna.

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