Artair Carlos Ghosn will no longer play Renault


Ljubljana – »Carlos Ghosn Now in a situation where he can continue by & # 39; Renault's leadership, "the day after Japan was arresting the powerful head of Renault, Nissan and Mitubishi, the French Finance Minister Bruno LemaireSouth-East Renault's French-owned Renault states, with 15 per cent, owned by Renault, with a share of 43% in Nissan.

Lemaire asked the Renault steering committee to meet quickly and to decide the interim leadership of the giant giant. The minister also said that France's capable services did not have any irregularities in the tax issues of Ghosn in France.

Yesterday, Nissan officially affirmed that their chairman, Ghosn, who also runs a partnership between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, who is also a chief executive of Renault, has given an accident and wrapped reports on his salary and in person's Nissan Property.

This was shown by internal scrutiny. They said they would have been burned, they will formally decide this Thursday. The search was given to the Tokyo Support Office Office and, after hearing, he was arrested at Gosn.

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