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The CDC reminded the public that the flu should not be lightened. Children should be taken to terminate his / her; vaccination as soon as possible.

The CDC reminded the public that the flu should not be lightened. Children should be taken to terminate his / her; vaccination as soon as possible. Photograph: North West Health Health Bureau / A & # 39; given

It's about getting into the winter, the temperature decreases gradually, and a virus will turn off; flu can continue. The Benefit Department's Disease Control Group reported that the number of vaccines exceeds 3.91 million doses from November 18 (the same time last year, 3.75 million) since the start of the fluvial flu vaccine in 2018. According to the data Analyze disease disease, China has a major disease of flu vaccine still at a low level. But there is a discharge; flu and death on a & # 39; appear in a long time. The CDC also has a reminder to & # 39; public that should not be lightened. It should be given to children at home as soon as possible.

The Disease Control Group today (20) invited Dr. Wei Xinyi and Dr. Liu Yulun, two curator and their children's doctor, and her / her vaccines; flu and explain the influenza virus threat to young children and the importance of vaccine; flu during the doctor's perspective. The Deputy Dr. Wei Xinyi that young children are in great risk of flu. The chance to cause serious problems such as illnesses, encephalitis, myocarditis, and no pericarditis after being inflicted with an influenza virus is higher than the normal adult. So, people should take flu at home every year. Tartan to prevent the risk of flu and reduce the risk of serious illness and death.

Dr. Liu Yulun also suggested that immunization against his / her flute could be indirectly protected on relatives and friends all over the world. There are more people who vaccine, better on the impact of group immunization. Because it takes a while before doing & # 39; immunization vaccine, people should go on to give their children a vaccine as early as possible before the disease starts. flu. Also, include the under-8s to take the vaccine for the first time. After one dose of the vaccine for 4 weeks, the second dose of immunization must complete a full defense.

From the beginning of the vaccination flu vaccines per year (2018), the number of vaccines exceeds 3.91 million amounts from the 18th of November (3.75 million in the same period last year). According to the disease-related disease data, the severe illness of a cold flu virus in China remains at a low level. Last week (November 11 to November 17), the number of emergency journeys similar to influenza was 54,673, slightly higher than the previous week.

The Government Department on Disease Control and Change has been called upon by its public to prevent influenza virus infection. In addition to its & # 39; vaccine against each infection every year, it is essential to use personal hygiene measures such as laundry and to use; Taking into account the downturn, so that it does not enter into the text; public places where a crowd is full and air is not surrounded. If you have flu-like symptoms, you should use a mask as quickly as possible, and take care of your illness at home; once and dyspnea, emergency, cyanosis (hypoxia), blood stasis or sputum torture, chest pain, mental disorders, obstacles, etc. The hospital should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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