Artist artist Saudi Habib al – Habib celebrated his marriage


The Saudi artist, Habib Al Habib, has been married to Friday night on November 16, far from the media and media eyes.

The Saudi artist named this successful news for his listeners, in a manner published by the ritual, on his own account on the Twitter site, and his link to report said: "Allah is a praise that is grateful to the good actions."

He said: "Thanks to God and then ask my parents and call people who are like you, and I want you to love you as a whole, and I wanted to share news about my marriage, where God Almighty was keeping my quarrel last night.

It is a Saudi act in Habib Al-Habib, born on June 28, 1976, and began his career in 1996 with simple roles in the "Tash Ma Tash" series.

Al-Habib participated in a variety of series and an amazing duet with Fahd Al-Hayyan, and after being involved in the "Ghashmashm" series featured in the "All of us children village" series and then started on a stardom.

Artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan was calling "King of the Cricket" for his ability to comment on any character given to him, long & his father told "the tiger of the Saudi theater" after attending his plays.

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