Artist at court of the new SUV Code and Scal


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His first fan, Petr Horek, said he had contacted his work with SUV SUV. In 2010, he jumped in the sketch, which he eventually took over, and his car company did not meet like that. At that time, the sack according to Horka decided against that the SUV would be hard. There is clear agreement here,

The alobou artists are distributed to Vega and Triglav modules, which were originally Kodiaq and Karoq cars, and used their use. The company had the bag for the new Scala. He was told by Kodiaqu, Karoqu and others could write a complaint and they were in a position. threatened to bury and sell them.

With Tom & Dobichovsk's vehicle. The design of the Kodiaq and Karoq was based on an independent koda designer, he said. The idea for SUVs was based on two of them, as outlined in the 2009 strategy paper. The company asked if the author of the proposed Vovkani was the author and when they were created.

Both sides agree that the author's design should be considered by an expert. According to Horka, the sack may find someone who did not work for a codec or ever for some of her competitors. The court was, on a one-day basis, and removing the wings, to hear ears and make proof.

Vovkani gave an albu to his code to protect against unmistakable monks and to defend the authors first of all in Paul. In the case, the court did not allege court conviction without denial and Vovkani appealed against it.

The Kodiaq SUV was introduced in 2016, and the model was arrested in 2017. In the autumn of the same year, Karoq men were also marketed by Yeti men. The two modules will remain on their; market among the best cars.

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