Artist Utøyamonumentens becomes a visiting professor – Culture & Sport


art The artist behind was a memorial monument in memory of Utøyamassakakern, Jonas Dahlberg, to be appointed professor professor of the Royal Fine Art Institute. He will address a new education led by professional artists and architects, and focus on art that is the architectural boundaries of public spaces.

"At a time when a public space, and even the conversation that has happened there has been a huge change, it is very honorable to have confidence in the Royal Institute of Fine Arts to be a part of creating and managing this course, "said Jonas Dahlberg in a release.

Jonas Dahlberg was chosen in a competition to make the great monument for Utøya victims. The monument would be completed on the Sheriff Council Memorial Day 2015, but its "Remembrance" project was lodged with residents in the area. The artwork would be 40 meters long and 3.5 meters wide through the waters near Utøya.

However, Jonas Dahlberg received 7.8 million in salary.

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