Artists who have & # 39; guide 40th edition of the festival


Artists who have & # 39; guide 40th edition of the festival
Artists who have & # 39; guide 40th edition of the festival

Artists will experience their experiences. guide their work 40th session of the Naseem News festival, to present the evidence, we will send you artists; Chamais to guide the 40th session of the festival, Galway's artists have a Guides the 40th session of the festival, we distribute visitors to you for the festival; first time. For the festival.

The artists of Gulf N Newsem guide a list of participants at the 40th Cairo Film Festival, scheduled for November 20-29.
The management of the festival on the important partnership of a cinema is named in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
President of the festival, Mohamed Hafez, said he was happy with the diversity of partners, especially from the Arab and Kazakhstan countries, which are very good for the development of film industry.
Agence France-Presse, director of the festival, the media and the media, Youssef Sherif Rizkallah, said that the television watch and technical committee of the festival had seen films that exceeded the 300 films from the Gulf and selected according to the International Film Festival of Cairo.
He said: "It will be given in the section on women« Saudi Arab »Saudi film« Oujda »Saudi director Haifa Al Mansour».
The festival also named Peter Greenway, British director, writer and painter, and Faten Hamama's prize at the festival opening ceremony.
Greenway is honored by a master's degree in international film and art, as well as his prestigious role as one of the leading leaders in the world. Greenway also has a teach a Masterclass for knowing movies and fans in Cairo.
Peter Greenway, one of the leading filmmakers and film makers in Britain and Europe, has a series of creative and exciting work. It was possible to attract models of people through the camera and to monitor their lives between pain and dreams. Complete the date of his position with several major international awards, including the BAFTA Award.
Peter Greenway was born in Wales, educated in London and is currently living in Amsterdam. He was trained as a painter for four years, began working on his own films in 1966 and continued to making films in diverse ways. He also worked in painting and exhibited at a museum Fortuny was in Venice, Juan Miro's Gallery in Barcelona, ​​the Louvre in Paris and the New York City Museum of Museum, Museum Bojmans van Bioningen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the Museum of Rexmuseum in Amsterdam and the Hofburg in Vienna, and the Barre in Milan, on a tour all over the world by giving a story on which is the VJ TulseuperSuitcaes. His work is often mentioned for prizes from film festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Berlin.
His first feature, The Draughtsmans Contract (1982), won many awards and added his reputation as one of the most important film makers in the world. He had a great impact on films such as "The Cook, The Gief, His Wife and Her Beloved." The Cook, The Lad, his sweetheart "in 1989, who won seven prizes at Greenway and was nominated for ten other awards and the" The Pillow-Book "film in 1996, who won five awards, and the beautiful historical film« Goltzius and his companions »« Goltzius and the Pelican Company »2012 and the movie Night Night Watch« «Nightwatching» in 2007, which won six prizes.
The Greenway projects that are currently in & # 39; including a combination of multi-media applications that come over with original drawings such as "Remorandt" Clock Clock, "Last Supper" by Davinci and "Cana Wedding" by Paulo Veronese.
His latest film is Eisenstein in Guanajuato, which he sent to his / her; His first renown at the International Film Festival in Berlin in 2015 and recently the well-known film Martin Luther.
Greenway received honorary doctors from the Universities of Edinburgh, Bucharest, Southampton and Utrecht, and gained the British Empire status in 1990. He got Baffetta in 2014 to help him fully with cinema arts.

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