Arturo Salah and the CDF sold to Turner: The clubs and fans won


ANFP president "satisfied" with the advanced governance said.

"We have to ensure the economic sustainability of the device," he said.

Arturo Salah, president of ANFP, dissatisfied with the agreement of the National Economic Treasurer to complete the sale of the Football Channel (CDF) gu Turner Group and he was convinced that Chile's teams and football fans were the biggest benefits.

"We are very happy, what we expect to achieve. It has been a flexible process for us. If there was a delay, because of & # 39; and that it was compliant with the modes that it has; respond to the protocols. It's good news to win football, clubs and fans ", Salah said.

In addition, ANFP director, with this module, said "we will ensure a stable and economic situation for teams in the & medium term, next 15 years. "

In December 2017, ANFP agreed to accept the Turner Group offer beyond Sports Fox for the sale of the channel, in negotiation that was in place; Considering a total amount of 1,285 million dollars and the bonus clubs will receive 3.1 million US money.

However, this sale will be subject to mitigation measures put forward by the National Economic Center Office, which will be read here.

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