Arturo Vidal sent a message to his son Youtuber and created a Tell Me More controversy


This is the new version of Copihue de Oro. And although we know about some of the winners already, the prize is still anecdote.

The event will be broadcast by Channel 13 and will feature livelihoods Diana Bolocco and Sergio Lagos.

Remember that one of the first politicians this year is the creation of Best Youtuber's feature. With the first appearance of this award, his & # 39; first ideas Alonso Missing & # 39; Vidal, son of Arturo Vidal, one of the names.

Here, because the 9-year-old has only been with his own video for a few months. In addition, he is constantly criticized for his productions with a few products and specific camera errors.

Despite this, according to the accounts, Monito would be a winner tonight.

For the same reason, his father, Arturo Vidal, used his Instagram account to send a tender to support his son. In the case, he wants you to be as good for tonight.

"@ Monitovidal7 officially on the way to gala # CopihueDeOro2018. Good luck, son, today! I love you and I miss it. Whatever happens, you're a winner!", he wrote a La Roja fragment beside his son's image in a Mini car.

Although more than 100 miles of Clans and thousands of ideas were spread, many controversies were created.

And in one of the comments was the official account of Barcelona.

For this reason, Pollo Castillo has decided to make some of the ideas that people have made laughter. In addition, many fans welcomed the fun, making sure he had more advantages to win the Copihue de Oro.

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