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The United States's new study, published in the "Anticancer Research" magazine, has special features of tea, as the materials in which it means it's special in the ability to; dragging to get older and older; stop cancer development.
Scientists from the University of St Louis, the United States, conducted a series of practical tests for tea pages, and found that these tools were detailed in those papers, which required the growth of the body and preventing disease.
The results show that when they eat warm heat, for example intense oxidation of tea, the degree of nose in the body is generally reduced. This tea is also a & # 39; Helps to prevent cancer cells to grow efficiently and quickly.
The results of clinical experiments have shown that the impact of this tea amount is on samples of crumbs. Expertists believe that tea is consistent and a short period of time; Reducing toxins level in the body in general and also to # 39; reducing the adverse effects of the medicines used in oncology On the condition of the body, it will improve the body's internal condition.
According to Chinese statistics, tea consumes to reduce the number of digits; 40 percent cancer, so researchers will continue to work and work with them; affecting the organization's defensive system.

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