As Boaz Manor returned: Co-founder of Portus fleet funder was installed at the beginning of Sutherland blockage under new identity


A former Canada-based financing manager in Canada who ended in four-year prison prisons is at the heart of a controversy after being made up of a new identity at the beginning of New York-based blockstones .

People working at Blockchain Terminal (BCT Inc.) and a related company, CG Blockchain, told the Financial Finance that their concepts were "extremely" to "tomorrow" when they realized the person red, a beard known as Shaun MacDonald, who said to be the leading player of the company, Boaz Manor, co-founder of Portus Alternative Asset Management Inc., had a $ 730 million banking asset that fell in In 2005 the allegations of external accounts, diamonds and investment investment funds are required.

Manor had a lightweight hair and was clean when the Ontario guardian's rules impeded him from the continental capital markets in August 2012. He had already been a day parlaist at that time, after he had been convicted this year.

In an interview with the Financial Post this week, two of the new Manor companies – who had been developing and engaged, were connected. target marketing for hedge funds and other founders of trafficking to disable a disability, as well as compliance systems; using the blocks – said they left after Manor's real identity learned, and they took their concerns about their previous brushes by law and rulers of the authorities of the SA.

"We did not know the same identity. We knew how Shaun MacDonald," said Daniel Araya, who says he left the block office in September after he government policy work there. "When we found out that it was not the same name, we did not have the same identity, we'll delete more no less. "

Araya said that he and a small group of staff blocked CG Blockchain, especially in Hong Kong, went around to find out more about Macdonald, who they saw as their leader, from Following reports from the New York office, Bob Bonomo, the technological and wealth management of an old solicitor who was introduced and introduced as president or president, who did not come in to the office.

Araya, who was appointed vice president of government policy in company shows, also found that staff did not get a " paid out, although the company built around $ 31 million in the original spring spring donation.

Although information about Shaun Macdonald was scarce, the old staff made "triangling" of the information they knew about the person they saw as their leader – so he said that Canada was ; there and he spoke to Hebrew in the office when Israeli visitors were there – who came to find pictures of Manor, and # 39; including Facebook page.

"We did our own search type and we came to the online photos of Boaz," said Araya, who is in Canada just to speak to her. telephone from Illinois. "He's more dining, he looks a little more honorable, but he is the only one to Shaun MacDonald."

None of us knew the exact identity. We knew how Shaun MacDonald

Daniel Araya, a contractor working at CG Blockchain

Manor did not reply to send messages to his / her; Mail at her mother's home in Toronto and on her Facebook page, and she can not contact the two companies.

On Wednesday, however, it appeared in the YouTube video to address an article that has appeared today on the website, which is the first published report that has shown it to be; use the name Shaun MacDonald.

The article also explained anonymous sources that Macdonald / Manor said on the head of the block businesses and questioned the building's jobs.

In the YouTube video, Glan-shaven Manor was designated as a consultant who made a very productive design for the BCT. In terms of the name he used, Manor replied that he thinks people deserve a certain degree of confidentiality.

"People do not have to show any circumstances of sad or marital situations that they have seen in the past, as long as it does not belong to the current work they said, "he said. video. "I am currently in post as a producer, and as a senior consultant in a small office. Product design is my main focus – that does not mean I'm talking me about the past. "

Manor said he was talking out he did not want to; The company said he was doing the job to be injured by what he had been involved in many years ago.

"I usually leave those days under the name of Shaun MacDonald, and if anyone needs to know that my name is Boaz Manor, I'm announcing it, "said Manor. "In this case I worked in a job that was not necessary."

Bonomo said a spokeswoman who did not learn the "real identity of Macdonald" for about two months after he stopped working for CG Blockchain, where he was brought forward as a contractor.

He also said that although he was "guided" to use the President's title outside, he was not the main conclusions.

"The title was President's name only … I did not have any attention, and there is no decision making authority for any financial management of a company , internal work or staff, "Bonomo said in a statement sent by Bill Fallon of Keating Co's communications handler in New York. "Having a role in Shaun MacDonald while I was involved in communication, which was generally known."

He said that Edith Pardo, Asif Hamid, and the person he knew was having effective decisions. "

Pardo, who is named on documents related to the donation, in an e-mail that she is a founder and director of the BCT and CG Blockchain. She said she was aware of the history of Manor and said he had "helped" in improving the productuality of his company.

"Because Mr Manor had been trying to find out the bad problem that could be done within any financial company by & # 39; just issuing a lawsuit, the backdrop helped to Compliance with a product that could help someone to prevent such situations, "she wrote.

… his background helped to Compliance with a product that could help someone to prevent such situations

Edith Pardo, founder, BCT and CG Blockchain

Pardo, who is also a senior executive and director of a New York-based communications company, Estey-Hoover, said Manor was a consultee for CG Blockchain and was never a member of staff, an officer, director or dividend of the blockchamp companies.

In terms of why people worked at the companies thought it was over, Pardo said: "Its ability, it was a great choice to bring together the talented team and the guide to the development of the product. Manor has a very straightforward and straightforward reinforcement, so it is not surprising that some people have seen him as an authorship, though he never had official capacity. "

She recognized that some people had not been paid for their work at CG Blockchain and BCT.

"It's true that some payments have fallen to some contractors and consultants" of the start of the blocks, Pardo said in his mail.

"Unfortunately, this is not a simple conversation cut and dried and there are several things so we can not consider legal reasons."

She said that the company has always had a "constant commitment" and still respects our commitments to our retailers, contractors, consultants, and toy customers. "

The block campaign "lost the way" after leaving Bonomo during the summer, said Pardo, who indicated that he was away for personal purposes. She said the start-up "had been struggling through the hard times" on it.

"It has been from an unincorporated start working out of one bedroom to a fully-active company in a short time," said Pardo.

Bonomo said he chose to complete his consultation arrangements, which he spent on the road for a week at the same time attending conference conferences and events, in early July as he needed a & # 39; company will get extra money to complete its product development and bring the market out.

"There was no expectation at that time to move to an operating decision place, and its company had accessed to arrears in & # 39 ; I paid my consultation fees for the work I did, "said Bonomo.

The Hamid Mail can not be reached, even though one employee said and did not. work closely with Macdonald / Manor.

Boaz Manor addressed how he used the name Shaun Macdonald in a video that was posted on YouTube on Wed., December 12, 2018.


In the YouTube video, in which a BCT consultant interviewed Beauly on Manor, and using the crypto Crow handler, Manor looked at her Portus falling over ten years ago. In his opinion, he published a newspaper article for dropping that hedge fund that was banned among the investors of the property. He said his mistakes were limited to trying to keep his / her. going to manage assets from the shore once and then; He left Portus, thinking he was outside the rulers.

At the top, Portus was $ 730 million under control and 26,000 clients, mostly in Ontario. Most of the money received their money back. But Manor gave more controversy to leave Israel when his death fell; company away.

He returned in 2007, his year with the RCMP himself and the co-founder of Portus Michael Mendelson with fraud. Both submitted bids, with Manor trying guilty to break up trust and his / her; opposing court order. Pendin Mendelson was guilty of any account of his sleep and was released out of prison in 2008 after he had been arrested. attending his prescribed proportion of his two-year sentence.

In 2012, the Ontario Security Commission ordered the Money to refuse the money of $ 8.8 million, part of a settlement arranged in connection with the proposed purchase in Manor with diamonds with money Portus . At that year's OSC settlement, Manor's lawyer said he did not have the diamonds or his money to pay the regulators' order of the regulator.

Araya, formerly a BCT employee, said he felt "terrible", as it was very awesome, "when he got Manor online and connected to the # 39; Portus tale, convicted, imprisoned, and the capital markets suspended the Tarantans Authority of Ontario.

"I thought: this might be a criminal scam, a company," said the 47-year-old about the blockade campaign.

He says there was no evidence, and the technology was really good and appealing to potential clients. But Araya says he has reported that Boaz Manor was Shaun Macdonald to the U.S. Trusts. and the Exchange Commission.

"We did not have any evidence but we felt we could feel something wrong because we built $ 31 million," he explained. "We do not know where the money is. And we do not have much to be paid, you know, it has not been paid in full."

He says he left his name with authorities, but he has not heard it back and that he is very sure at least if his casualty block company has promised it.

"To date I do not know. I know that Shaun Macdonald is not there," said Araya, who has a PhD in public policy and has returned to work as a councilor after leaving BCT.

… we felt something rude was illegal to & # 39; going on because we built $ 31 million. We do not know where the money is. And we do not have much … fully paid up.

Daniel Araya, a contractor working at CG Blockchain

Ryan White, a spokeswoman for the SEC, commented on the reports that the old staff of their blockchamp company say they have done about Macdonald / Manor.

Al Leong, who worked for BCT and CG Blockchain out of Vancouver, said in an interview that he would also talk to the US authorities about Boaz Manor after Araya told him what he had found on line.

Leong says he has left his company as well and he is encouraged to have marketing for it without being able to. excavation "deeper".

He also said that it is hopeful that technology can be successful, as the company was likely to cost "a ton" of money and, as long as as he knew "he worked."

Pardo said that "BCT is a functional, active company with legitimate, accessible results," and says that she is "saddened" by "truth and mind" to the forefront, who said she has been " through social media and uncertain statements "by competitors.

"When you realize that many of the ICOs that have got the same money as we only have a white paper that shows their brand merchants, I am We feel sorry for our team with the facts and including to move around us a scam, "she said. "We are one of the few companies that fulfill our commitment to our brands of brands and that's a really proud thing."

Pardo said that "all funds" built during the conversion bid were used to research and improve the product, operating costs and maintain marketing campaigns to raise brand image.

"We are currently 10th month of development and are delivering active trading device; "The cryptocurrency market market," said she, "can be a great deal to recover the market." That kind of performance has a bad cost in money and always. "

– with files from Jake Edmiston

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