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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Democratic Party Andrew Gillum completed his hardship for Florida's Florida governor by just passing the counties to introduce official results, Consenting a Republican to which that office has been at that office since 1999.

Gillum, who posted on Facebook, congratulated the Republican Ron DeSantis and also pledged to politically engage although his term as the sea is the Florida Tallahassee capital, # 39; ends next week. Out of his plans in the future, his first African-American petitioner for Florida said for a ruler: "to watch it."

The news came just an hour before the counties in Florida become official results after a few days of reporting to voters in the government competition and the U.S. Assembly. – two nationally held central selections that maintain the most advanced position from the Select Day.

"This is a journey to life," said Gillum, who appears in her & # 39; video with his wife, R. Jai Gillum. "Although nobody wanted to be a regulator larger than me, this was not just about an election cycle. This was about creating the kind of change in this state that allows voices everyday people appear again in our government. "

The comments of Gillum's minutes were raised after President Donald Trump, who was at the same time in the campaign, criticizes Gillum greatly, praises him for running a hard race.

"He will be a long, democratic strong warrior in the future – force to control!" Trump said in a Twitter post.

Gillum was first promising DeSantis on a polling night, but he brought back his way as he was. thin limbs between the two candidates lost. But he still continued to make DeSantis with more than 30,000 votes after a legal device was required. Counties build up this weekend weekend and must submit the official results by noon by day.

Gillum's reduction will ensure that the Republic of Florida maintains the understanding of the government's original source of Jeb Bush, started in 1999.

DeSantis, 40, was regarded as a page before Trump's Tweet gave his support to DeSantis in December, a month before DeSantis started even for the race. Trump launched a campaign to help bring DeSantis into the primary impact of August and visited Florida twice again to help with the Republican Party in the last days of the election.

DeSantis was out of his / her gate after he was in & # 39; winning 28 August primary schools, telling Fox News voters should not "do this" by choosing Gillum.

Despite her & # 39; DeSantis has been convinced that he was strongly opposed to a debate – he is willing to officially beat the state that Trump gave in 2016.

DeSantis was a political activist despite being able to attend three terms in his & her; Transport and operation for the U.S. Assembly. in 2016 before he left out of the race when Marco Rubio decided he put the re-election. The race is the third office run in two years: re-election, the Assembly and the ruler.

He was a Navy officer in DeSantis who graduated from Yale University before he graduated at Harvard University.

He gained a name in the primary school with more than 100 episodes on Fox News, often to protect the president.

DeSantis made a very negative campaign, calling to Gillum to a socialist and says that he held over one of the major cities of pollution and crime in the state. Trump has been damaged, & # 39; tweeting similar messages. The corruption complaint came from a continuing FBI research on the Town Hall which Gillum says it is not a target; and that he works with him; The Tallahassee taxation found that the highest level of state crime was wrong.

Gillum DeSantis confirmed as a clan division, reciting his idea "monkey this up".

"I do not call Mr DeSantis to a cousin. I just say that the cousins ​​believe that he is a genius," said Gillum.

Gillum was aware of how most of the counties in Florida had been The recession of their hands in the defensive state race in the US. The disaster of the published publicly published Saturday showed that Bill U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson a & # 39; He had only a few hundred votes in his competition war with the Government who had been a going out Rick Scott, Republican.

State officials requested a description of their earlier calendar in the week after a legal statement needed to prove that there were around 12,600 votes by the head of Scott Democrat Bill Nelson. There are more than 8 million voters who send ballots in the race.

Nelson and Democrats added a number of legal campaigns after the closed election, which challenged everything from the state's written disqualification law to a post ballot diary.

If a 76-year-old Nelson misses, it would appear that a political career would be eighty years ago. Nelson was first elected for the U.S. Assembly. in 2000. Scott decided to mark the third impact since the multimillionaire of the business launched its political role in 2010. In each race, Scott did not have the challenging challenge.

State law wants to report a device in races where the edge is 0.5 per cent or less. Once that statement was ready, if the differences in any of the races are 0.25 per cent or less, a manual statement will be ordered. Local launchers do not review polls where no votes have been registered with voting devices.

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