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Former Warden Mariupol Rustam Khudzhamov, who now leaves Mariupol, getting into a crash and criticizing Ukravtodor.

On Instagram's page, Khudzhamov photographed the car crash of his car and wrote an angry text.

"Ukravtodor, I love you! You pay taxes for each salary, from every gasoline liter and by car, and the roads were like, and they stayed," wrote Khudzhamov.

Earlier, Zary's head leader Yuri Vernidub became an accident in Zaporizhia. At the time of the accident it was not as sad as the road. Later on, it was reported that the coach was left without a driver's license.

Vernidub acknowledged that he had broken the rules, not being able to maintain a speed, because of that he hit another car from the back. Later on, the penalty coach found for the breakdown of traffic rules, which resulted in an accident.

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