As nobody is buying: Fallout 76 will be thrown after PS4 & Xbox gamers


Very soon after the opening Map Unlock (Open) significantly reduced. Instead of € 70 it was only € 30 worth. But it does not seem that even this amount has been to go to # 39; sales suggestion. So sellers now make every effort Map Unlock (Open) or if you get rid of it.

If you buy, for example, the regulator of the GameStop Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in Germany or Austria, you will get the game free, as it appears from the Reddit post. It does not matter if he is a clever or new regulator.
The electronic dealers who attack Saturn in some sources, apparently, are somewhat damaging. So another reddit user feels that buyers who are buying Xbox One are new Map Unlock (Open) for free. And although another package of the game was already included in the package. After that, you can then try the multi-game mode just with a friend.

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