As power goes out, Carpi defines with China hitting by displaying it


As the Supreme Court of Court Antonio Carpio explained how the Chinese have taught their children from the 1950s into the full existence of the South China Sea, a sudden lights were switched on at the Scottish t Thursday Iloilo Conference.

It took 5 minutes to restore the power.

Lighting on the situation, Carpio smiled.

“I know that my email and phone conversations have been checked with China but I didn't know it was possible to connect with my exhibition.” T laugh.

The 15-minute talk in a Carpio lecture happened in front of around 3,000 lawyers gathered in Iloilo for the 17th National Convention of Integrated Philippines.

Carpio was speaking about how an UN tribunal did in 2016 alongside the Philippines by providing 200 nautical miles of an exclusive economic zone in the Western Philippine Sea. This area includes Reed Bank with gas.

It is a victory that China still struggles, depending on what they are said to be historical areas: the Nine-Dash, a ten-Dash line that covers the sea t from South China.

Carpio was said to be "a lie of this year '," the false news of the pool, "the" fearful mischief of the human race. "

He gave out old maps of the Philippines showing that Scarborough Shoal and Spratlys were part of our land even where we have names – Panacot and Los Bajos of Paraguay – as early as 1734.

China, however, did not even have a name for these areas in the 1940s, Carpio said.

He also showed old Chinese maps where the Hainan region was the most southerly part, until China expanded its presence slowly in the South China Sea, including drawing Mischief Reef (1995), t Scarborough Shoal (2012) and Sandy Cay (2017) from the Philippines.

He said Duterte's administration was still refusing to accept the situation in Sandy Cay.

“We must make the Chinese people judge that this historical account is false. It's completely wrong, ”he said, praising this as a solution to implementing interference rule.

Carpio has been the voice of Chinese action in South China Harbor.

The second highest master in the country said he continued his claim even after he retired in October.

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